The Power of Texting for Small Businesses

Jun 30
min Read

There is nothing more frustrating for a consumer than not being able to reach a business that you need to reach.

I experienced this just the other day trying to reach a local credit union to ask about a HELOC. I filled out a form and received a phone call back. But then for every other step of the process, it was IMPOSSIBLE to reach the person at the bank I’d been working with.

I tried to call, and she couldn’t answer.

I tried to call again, and she was with someone else and would promise to call me back (but never would). I tried call too and it went to her voicemail, and she’d never respond.

Eventually she called me back. But it was just a mess. I was in a meeting and couldn’t answer or didn’t have my phone with him.

It was impossible to communicate with each other when we were merely relying on phone calls to communicate.

Totally impossible.

Customers respond to texting faster the email and phone calls

Imagine if she had been texting?

Imagine if I could have asked some basic questions and she could have answered them via texting. The process that took literally weeks, would have taken mere moments instead. The frustration I felt with the back-and-forth phone calls and voicemails, would have been solved more quickly.

This frustration is too common at too many businesses across North America.

There is almost no business that would not benefit, quickly and immediately, from texting.

Ultimately, there is a quick solution here: this credit union and other businesses need texting.

Bottom Line: No one listens to voicemails. A recent study found that less than 5% of voicemails from businesses to consumers are listened to. Stop leaving voicemails. No one cares. No one listens.

Get texting for your business