5 Best Reasons to Use Texting At Your Business

Apr 20
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Business Texting

The days of phone tag, missed emails, delayed appointments, and miscommunication are over - there’s an easier solution for communicating with your customers. It’s texting!

96% of all texts are answered in a matter of minutes. An email is opened around 10-12% of the time and the chances of a response are even lower. Customers use texting in their everyday lives and prefer to communicate this way.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why your business should be using texting to communicate with customers rather than the traditional ways of email, phone, and meetings.

1.Streamline Communication

Texts are typically answered within 3 minutes, whereas phone calls, emails and meeting invites are rarely answered within the week. Business texting streamlines your communication because texting is simply easier!

This is one of the biggest issues facing businesses right now. Employees often spend hours or even days waiting for customer responses to emails and phone calls. Texting streamlines communication at your business because texting is simply easier for both customers and employees!

2.Save Time

Texting also gives your business extra time. A text takes 2 seconds while a phone call can take up to an hour or a missed email can take weeks to get a response.

Spending more time actually running your business and less time playing phone tag means more time can be used in the service department, working on a case, or helping a customer with their purchase.

3.Gather Reviews

Asking customers for Google reviews can be a painful, lengthy process. Oftentimes these requests go unanswered leaving your business struggling for good reviews. With a text, customers are more likely to respond and give your business the review it needs to drive new leads.

When customers are searching for a business, Google reviews are often one of the first things they look at to compare businesses. This means they are vital for businesses to attract new customers! Get more reviews with texting.

4.Increase Leads

85% of customers would rather send a text than a phone call. By putting a ‘Text Us’ widget on your website, or listing a phone number to text on your social pages, you can increase the amount of leads coming in simply because texting is easier and quicker than picking up the phone!

Getting new leads is vital for businesses, and bringing in new customers via your website is one of the simplest ways. Texting is an easy way for customers to inquire about your business and get a prompt response from you.

5.Save Money

Direct mail, email campaigns, and PPC ads are all costly. A single text costs less than .1 cent when you use texting for your business.

Collecting payments can also cost you time and money. Getting paid on time is one of the biggest issues businesses face right now. Kenect allows you to collect payments through texting! Get paid on-time and stop waiting for mail in checks, overdue bills, and flaky customers with automated reminders.

It’s a no brainer! Texting is what your customers want and need, so let them text you. It’ll save your business time and money all while increasing your good reviews, on-time payments and leads.

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