Text Entire Groups with Broadcast Messaging

Send a text to hundreds of customers at the same time. You can announce new inventory, recalls, sales and special offers. 97% text open rate at scale.

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Text Large Groups of People at Once

Get the benefits of texting: the 97% open rate, the instant communication, the fast replies–and add the ability to text hundreds of customers at time. This is a game-changer!

Broadcast Messaging

Multiply the Impact of Texting by Messaging a Large Group

Schedule a broadcast text message to a group of contacts within Kenect or upload a CSV and send at once. This is texting for your business on steroids.

Instant Impact

Schedule a Message or Send One Right Now

If you’re using Broadcast messaging to send out holiday, birthday, and other announcement texts, then you’ll love the ability to schedule a broadcast message on a future date.

Or, if you want to send one right away about a new truck that just arrived, do that too.

Seamless Replies

Easily Reply to Broadcast Messages in Your Texting Inbox

When you send a text to hundreds of contacts at once, you need an organized way to respond to any replies. This is easily done from within the same inbox you use for all other messages. Kenect ensures that if you receive a reply to a massive message, you won’t miss any.

Customize Everything

Send Unique Messages to Custom Groups

Dealers can create templated messages for service, parts and sales. And the beauty is that the customer receiving the text doesn’t know it went to 999 other people. It looks like a 1 to 1 text.

Texting At Scale

Message a Large Group of Contacts

Imagine texting all of your customers about a warranty update, a service department special or a truckload of new inventory that just arrived. Need a sales bump? Send a text.

Group Contacts and Send Instantly

Create a group in your contacts list. Choose the group you want to text. Write the text (or choose a template) and hit send. You’re done.

It Appears to be 1-to-1

You are texting hundreds of customers simultaneously, but the customer sees a simple text from your business number and will reply individually. Then you can have a 1-to-1 conversation.

Maximized Impact

Texting is the most immediate, impactful, and powerful way to communicate. Multiply that by your whole customer base.

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The Impact of Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast Messaging Transforms Dealerships

Your customers prefer texting. Now text more of them at once. Dealers say it has a real and meaningful impact on their business.

2-3 hrs

saved per employee per day.


of text messages are read nearly instantly.


increase in sales when announced via broadcast messaging.


increase in service department speed.

“Kenect’s Broadcast messaging has been great for business. We send service and parts updates as well as alerts such as open house invites, announcements and special offers. Our leads have definitely increased.”

Jessica Landini
Marketing Manager, John City Kubota and Equipment

Texting for Dealerships

Turn your main business number into a textable line. Instead of playing phone tag, text. Streamline your service department, sell faster.