Text entire groups with Broadcast Messaging.

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Send a text to hundreds of contacts at the same time.

Save time.

Sending a text one-by-one to hundreds of customers is a pain that nobody should ever have to experience.

Create custom groups.

Send a broadcast message to any custom group you create from your list of contacts.

Respond easily.

If you send a lot of messages, you might get a lot of responses. Kenect lets you easily respond right within your normal Kenect inbox.

Send a message to a large group of your contacts.

Step 1: Create a group in your contacts list

Step 2: Choose the group you want to text

Step 3: Write the text, hit send

Schedule a message, or send one right away.

If you're using Broadcast Messaging to send out holiday, birthday, and other announcements texts, then you'll love the ability to schedule a Broadcast Message out for a future date.

If you want to send one right away, you can do that too.

Easily reply to broadcast messages right in your inbox.

When you send a text to hundreds of contacts at once, you need an organized way to respond to any replies. This is easily done from within the same inbox you use for all other messages.

Kenect ensures that if you receive a reply to a massive Broadcast Message, you won't miss any replies.

"Kenect has been a game-changer for our business! Every single department has benefited from it. It's hard to imagine how we operated before Kenect."
Jamie Haradine, GM | Wakeside Marine
"What a fantastic product! The install, set-up, and the training was flawless. We're already generating more leads. I am very happy!"
Rick Glantz, Partner | Glantz Law Group

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