Reputation Management

Managed Publishing

Elevate your dealership’s content. Simply submit videos or photos and the Kenect Managed Publishing team will handle the rest and publish across social media platforms. OEM compliance ensured.

Social Media Publishing

Let Us Take the Headache Out of Social Publishing

We ensure top-notch quality by expertly checking each submission, blurring license plates, and refining captions. Plus, enjoy the added perk of captivating Instagram reels curated by our team. Elevate your content effortlessly with Kenect!

Managed Publishing

Simple and Vital Social Publishing

Companies that post on social media regularly have better customer relationships and get more positive reviews.

Social Presence

Be on the Cutting Edge of Content

Don’t just sit back while influencers and social media experts get all the publicity. Get in the game! Let us create captivating Instagram Reels and other social content for you.

OEM Approved

Content Library

Experts check every submission into the Content Library for blurred license plates, accurate data, proper captions, and specific details. We take the headache out of content and publishing.

Managed Publishing

Save Time and Look Legit

You no longer need to choose between sacrificing huge amounts of time to create expert content OR look like an amateur with your posts. Our team of experts can save you hundreds of hours each month with professional content creation and posting.

Social Media Content

Managed Publishing - How it Works

You have a really important day job…running your dealership! Let Kenect create the content for you to post and then let us post it. Don’t take time out of your busy schedule. Let our experts help at a fraction of the cost.

Content Library Approval

Submit pictures, videos and any other content you want to post in the content library on the Kenect platform. We’ll make sure these have the approval of your OEM.

Experts at Kenect Create and Schedule

Our Managed Publishing team will create the content–video walkarounds, static images of inventory with captions, etc.--and schedule the posts on the Content Calendar.

View and Approve Posts

If you want to be involved, you or your team can approve the posts on the calendar before they’re published.

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Managed Publishing from Kenect

Create expert content that makes your dealership look legit and get it published…but our Managed Publishing team does it for you.