Our Culture

We’ve 10x'd in the last 4 years and we have clung to the startup culture and passion. Kenect is a place where you can be passionate about your work, will be rewarded if you succeed, and have a good time with great people.

Who We Are

Company Values

Our company values serve as the very heart and core of our business, guiding every decision we make, and action we take.

Get things done

We come to work each day committed to make a difference, to figure out the solution, and to deliver on our responsibilities.

Learn Fast, Go Fast

We move fast, and we focus on learning, adapting and developing as a company and as individuals.

Above and Beyond

We go above and beyond to wow, dazzle and celebrate our customers, partners and fellow team members.

Be Optimistic

We choose to be optimistic, to see the big picture, and to have a great attitude no matter the circumstance.

Team is Family

Our Kenect family and our own families are important to us. We take care of each other, support each other, and do everything we can to lift each other up.

Be Direct

We are willing to give and receive feedback, but we do so respectfully and thoughtfully. We have the courage to speak up and make our voices heard for the benefit of ourselves, our teammates and the company.

"Kenect is the perfect blend of energy, family, hard work, and high performance that makes for a great work environment! High performance does not mean zero fun and zero smiles. Quite the opposite!"

Allan Mount
VP of Sales
Who We Are

Kenect Careers: Passion and Fun

Company lunches, monthly activities, quarterly team full-day activities, and company parties. We do all the things. But mostly we work hard, and help our customers.

Is There a Career For You?

Whether you’re a mid-career professional, or just getting started, there’s a role for you at Kenect. Work at one of the fastest growing companies in the world.