Eliminate Your Negative Reviews

Just eliminating 1 negative review is worth generating 40-50 positive reviews. Those negative reviews matter. Kenect can help.

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Negative Reviews

Get Rid of Your Negative Reviews

Negative reviews give even the best dealerships headaches. Kenect can help you avoid negative reviews before you get them, and get rid of them if you do.

Texting and Reviews

Texting Decreases Bad Outcomes

The number 1 reason that customers leave bad reviews is because of a perception of poor communication. In other words, they’re tired of the phone tag. They’re tired of the service department not being proactive and communication. This is largely eliminated with texting. Text customers instantly and let them know what’s going on.

Negative reviews decrease by more than 50%

Avoid Bad Reviews

Funnel Negative Feedback to You and You Only

When you send a review request via Kenect, the customer is asked if they had a good experience or a bad one. If they had a bad one, the feedback is only shared with you. If they had a good experience they can leave the review on Google or any of the other review sites.

We call this Private Feedback and it avoids negative reviews before they even happen.

Eliminate Bad Reviews

Bad Reviews Disappear

The biggest headache for many dealerships is negative reviews. Just a few negative reviews can sink a business. And it’s very difficult to get them removed.

Let Kenect try.

Our Managed Reputation experts will dispute negative reviews with Google and get rid of them nearly 55% of the time.

Jason Bell from Chemo RV

“A review comes in and the Kenect team looks it over and response according to the review. It’s great for getting an issue solved before it becomes a bigger problem.”

Jason Bell
Owner, Chemo RV
Google Reviews

Minimizing the Impact (and Number) of Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can sink your dealership. Our goal is to help you have as few of them as possible.

Text Review Requests

Texting is 35x more effective than email at gathering positive Google reviews. Getting more positive Google reviews is the best way to combat negative reviews.

Private Feedback

The Kenect Reputation Management platform gets the negative feedback sent to you and the positive feedback posted on a review site.

Managed Disputes

Stop wasting hundreds of hours dealing with Google. Our team of experts can get 55% of negative reviews removed by Google. No joke.

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See How Dealers Generate More Reviews with Kenect

See why more than 10,000 dealerships use Kenect as their reputation management platform.