Why Technology Could be the Solution to Communicating With Customers

Jun 16
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Business Texting

During the pandemic, many businesses changed their methods of communication to reach customers, and now those methods are a part of normal operations.

Even just five years ago, texting was thought to be a fringe part of the buying process, and many businesses cannot operate without it. Cold calls are being replaced by quick texts and sales are being done through pictures and messaging. One thing we do know for sure is, texting is not going away.

Why technology could be the answer to communication?

In the past two years, we have seen more people buying smartphones, and according to a new Pew study, more than 300 million people in America have one. This means customers are embracing technology. Some are more reluctant than others, but the bottom line is the pandemic changed the landscape.

That same study said more than 60% of people claim to have used texts more often since 2020, right when the pandemic started. This means more customers have gotten familiar with texting over the past two years, and now expect businesses to provide it.

Customers also feel more comfortable with businesses that offer messaging. According to research from Soprano, more than a third of all customers feel better about choosing a business that offers texting. Customers say it shows that businesses respect their time, and it increases the chance that they would recommend it to other people.

How do businesses add texting?

One of the biggest stats out there right now is that one in every three customers have sent messages to a business, and not gotten a response back. This means these businesses either have texting and don’t use it, or don’t have texting and are missing out on potential sales.

1. Make sure to choose a platform that is right for your business.

Kenect offers a two-way texting platform that operates right from the business line you already have. No need to use a personal number, and no need to get a new number.

They platform layout is like what you would see in an email, so its familiar to your employees. It also allows you to filter all messages through that one business line so any employee can see and respond to all the messages that come in.

2. Is the platform easy to use?

You want to pick a texting platform that employees can use easily.

Dealers who use the Kenect platform say they have seen a significant uptick in text messages in just the first few weeks of using it. The reason: its easy to use. Employees in the service bay can get the platform right on their phone, and send messages to customers about the work they are doing, or take a picture and send it to customers.

In sales, same story. Employees are able to send pictures of what they have in stock, or even take videos of the showroom so the customer can look it over and make a decision without ever coming into the shop.

Some dealers are now completing entire transactions, from lead to payment, through texting. This has become a growing trend as more dealers adopt this feature, and more customers get familiar with texting.

3. Embrace technology.

Of course, this may seem dauting to a lot of dealers because of how quickly customers are adapting to texting. However, the transition to add texting to your business will be easier than you think because of the amount of people who are already using texting to communicate.

Customers now expect businesses to have texting. The data shows that texting is only gaining momentum, so don’t get left behind.

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