Kenect Video Chat: Yeah. We do that too.

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Why use Kenect Video Chat?

Connect with customers wherever they are

Sometimes customers can't come in. Especially in today's climate. Video chat allows you to connect with them as if they were there and trust me, they'll appreciate it.

No additional software required

Many video chat services require additional apps or software to run, stuff to download, etc. It can be annoying for your customers and more annoying for you. We cut out the middle man and give you a seamless video chat experience that you and your customers will enjoy.

Available for both mobile and desktop

Not in front of your computer? No problem. Wherever you are, wherever they are, we've got you covered. Video chat directly from your phone via the Kenect mobile app.

Take a 60 second tour of Video Chat!

You're texting, sending pictures, attachments, appointment reminders and then BOOM you're video chatting.

How does Video Chat work?

Step 1 - Open a conversation

Open up a specific conversation with a customer or start a brand new one within your Kenect inbox

Step 2 - Hit the "plus" icon and select "Invite to Video Chat"

This button will generate a unique video chat link for you and the customer

Step 3 - Click on the link

Both you and the customer will click on the link once it has been sent

Step 4 - Start video chatting

And... BOOM! You are off to the races in a live video chat call with your customer. Yes. It's really that simple.

Communication from every angle.

We'll help you communicate from EVERY angle. What does that mean? That means having every communication method available for you to use - all within the Kenect platform. Your customers need flexibility. Kenect helps you give it to them.

Instantaneous Video Chat

Definition of instantaneous: Fast. Really fast.

No Additional Software Required

No downloading outside apps or programs. Video chat within Kenect, no exceptions.

Live Walkarounds, Discussions, Meetings

It's like the customer is actually there viewing the product or speaking with you face to face. Technology is cool huh?

Available on both Mobile & Desktop

Wherever you are. Wherever they are. Whatever device.

Video chat on desktop or mobile

It's rare that you can sit in front of your computer the entire workday. We get that. Kenect Video Chat is available on both desktop and mobile for that exact reason. Be just as flexible as your customers when it comes to communication.

Using the video chat button, you can initiate a video consultation on the go or at your desk with your clients or customers, wherever they are. From answering simple questions to showing products, drafting documents, and reviewing contracts, you can do it all with video chat.

Share your screen and give live product demonstrations

With the climate we live in today and how far technology has come, many customers appreciate the ability to do business without leaving the comfort of their own home. Share your screen, give live demonstrations, show off products, upsell services, answer FAQs, all over video chat.

The impact of video chat on your business

Video chat can affect how you do business in many different ways. No matter what kind of business you run, video chat will benefit you and your business positively. That's why we added it to our features. What's better than an already great platform? A great platform that just keeps getting better.

Use video chat to more easily show parts and accessories or answer Service questions. Show your most popular inventory item to multiple customers at a time with up to 30 people able to conference through Kenect Video Chat. Share your screen for deal closings, F&I, price quotes, and contracts.

However you want to use video chat, the sky's the limit.

“We’ve been using video chat. It’s super easy to use and it’s a game-changer for us to upsell in parts and service”
Vinny Binsfeld | PleasureLand RV
"Within the first week of going live, we already had several leads coming in, we sold one RV directly from texting and collected a deposit. Very impressed with, not only the quality of leads, but the quantity of leads coming in."
Scott Albrecht, GM | Trailer Source RV Sales

Collecting payments for thousands of businesses like yours.

See Kenect Video Chat in action