Send Mass Texts

Now you can send a text to hundreds of customers all at once with Broadcast Messaging. This feature will allow you to get important information to customers quickly, without having to spend time sending each individual message. You can also respond to these messages right in the Kenect platform

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Broadcast Messaging

How Kenect Helps Businesses Send a Mass Text

Save time by sending a text to an entire group of customers all at once. Businesses can get information out quickly and efficiently.

No Individual Texts

Send All At Once

Sending a text one-by-one to customers takes time, and is not something you want your employees spending too much time on. By sending a mass text, you get the information out all at once.

How Do I Respond?

Broadcast Message Response Time

Once you send out a Broadcast Message, you will surely get some responses. Kenect lets you easily respond right within the normal Kenect inbox, so you can monitor all texts as they come in. This is NOT just a one-way blast. Experience full, 2-way broadcast messaging with Kenect.

Who Do I Send To?

Create a Group To Send To

If you don’t want to send to your entire contact list all at once, you can create a custom contact group right within the Kenect platform. You can choose which mass text will go out to which group so you don’t send a text to those that may not need it.

“Kenect’s Broadcast Messaging has been great for business. We send service and parts updates as well as alerts such as open house invites, announcements, and special offers. Our leads have definitely increased from broadcast messaging.”

Jessica Landini
Advertising and Marketing Manager - Johnson City Kubota and Equipment
Send a Broadcast Message

Mass Texting Saves Time

The best part about Broadcast Messaging is that it saves you time and money. You don’t need to send individual texts, and you can get information to customers faster.

Send a Message to a Large Group of Your Contacts

No need to send a mass text to all your customers every time. You can create a group of contacts within the Kenect platform to spread out the send. This way you can decide which groups are messaged first and manage any responses.

Schedule a Message

With Broadcast Messaging, you can choose to send a text to your selected group right away or schedule it for later. This will help you plan out your sends for newsletters, sales, and announcements.

Easily Reply to Broadcast Messages

Sending a text to hundreds of contacts all at once can get confusing if you don’t have a good way to find responses. Kenect lets you easily see and respond to these texts in the same inbox you use for all other messages.

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Send a Broadcast Message

Sending a mass text to a group of your customers is the best way to get information out fast about a sale, business hour changes, or even a monthly newsletter.