Managed Conversations

Managed Conversations

Lead response time is the most important factor in whether or not someone buys from you. Managed Conversations from Kenect allows your customers to text with a real person, in real-time, 24/7.

Instant Text Replies

It’s Tough to Respond to Texts in
Real-time. Let Us Do It For You.

With Kenect’s Managed Conversations, new clients get a response immediately and then pass the lead to your team.

Managed Conversations

Reduce Lead Response Time. Make More Money.

When a customer texts you, they want a response immediately. If they don’t get that response, they will go to another dealership and ask them those questions. Let us help and respond for you.

Instant Response

Sell More Units by Quickly Responding

Research shows that if you make someone wait just TWO minutes to reply to a text, that person will go elsewhere to ask their questions (and possibly buy). That means you have to respond to texts immediately.

But that’s tough because you’re running a dealership.

We can help you with that. Let our team respond for you.

Text Messaging

Delight Your Customers with Speed

Whether we like it or not, customers will judge dealerships by how quickly they respond, answer questions, and provide information. Don’t make someone wait minutes, or hours to help them. With Managed Conversations our team of experts will reply to their questions within seconds every time.

Focused Results

You Still Control the Interaction with the Customer

When our Managed Conversations team answers the questions your customers have, we only answer with approved responses. And if or when the questions become too specific or focused, we pass them back to your team. And you sell more units.

Text Replies for You

Managed Conversations - How it Works

Lead response time is the single most important determining factor in whether or not someone will buy from you. And you can’t get to every text instantly. Let us respond immediately, all the time.

Step 1 - Customer Texts in a Question

If a customer texts in a question to your phone number or the ‘Text Us’ button on your website, they need a response immediately. That’s challenging for a dealership.

Step 2 - Managed Conversations Team Replies in Real-Time

Kenect’s experts reply and answer lead qualifying questions within seconds. This happens 24/7 with real people based in the United States of America.

Step 3 - Customer Gets Questions Answered

Once the customer gets their initial questions answered and the lead is qualified, it is passed to the dealership team to take over the conversation.

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Managed Conversations from Kenect

Having a tough time replying to every lead in a timely fashion. Let us answer those initial questions on your behalf.