Business texting from a business phone number.

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Your customers want to text you. Let them.

Increase revenue

The average Kenect customer increases revenue 6% in the first 12 months.

Get more leads

Install Web Leads and see increases of 260%+ in leads from your website.

Delight your customers

Reduce voicemails by 84% and on-hold calls by 81%. Stop making your customers wait. Let them talk to you immediately.

How does business texting work? 

Some people like words, some like videos. Here's a video that explains what we do.

Wait what? I can text my customers from a business number?

1-to-1 texting. Simple.

We're not talking about mass texting with some short code. We're talking about 1-to-1 texting, the same way you'd text your family or friends.

What do I text them?

Schedule appointments and send appointment reminders. Send hours, maps, service updates, questions, and even pictures or videos.

What do the texts look like on my end?

The texts flow into an inbox--basically like an email inbox, but for texts. You can respond to texts, assign them to team members, and even route them to departments, individuals, or certain locations.

Facebook and Instagram integrated

Kenect doesn't just capture texts, it also incorporates your Facebook and Instagram messages into one inbox--one single pane-of-glass for all your messages.

Companies who text make more money. Period.

The best companies in your industry text with their customers. Be the best.

260% more leads

We mentioned this above, but it's so cool we thought we should mention it again.

84% decrease in voicemails

They won't have to wait until they're out of meetings or taking care of kids to call you back. They can text you any time.

89% of your customers want to text you

They don't want to call you or fill out some dumb form. They really really want to text you.

6% increase in revenue

Our customers have 6% more revenue than their peers. That's something.

How, when, and where to use texting

The texts show up on your customers' cell phones just like any other text does. You can respond to the texts via your Kenect inbox or on your Kenect mobile app.

This is real texting--1-to-1 conversations with your customers.

You can schedule appointments, send images, send videos, send surveys or even send invoices. That's right, you can collect payments via text.

Receive texts from your site, Facebook, Instagram and more...all into one simple texting inbox

Gone are the days when customers will call you, sit on hold, and wait. If you don't respond immediately, they'll find another company who will.

With Kenect, all the messages and texts from every channel--Facebook and Instagram--flow directly into one inbox where you can set up auto-responders and route texts to specific teams, employees, or locations.

And with Kenect's marketing attribution capabilities, you'll know what page the lead was on with they texted and how they found you.

Save time with automation

Texting takes less time than phone calls. That's obvious.

But you can speed up your process even more with automated responses and quick replies. You can reply immediately so your customers don't get annoyed and go find a competitor.

Research shows that the first company to respond to a customer is usually the one that gets their business. Be that company.

Don't be the company that takes 4 hours to call someone back. Instead, text back immediately.  

"Kenect has been a game-changer for our business! Every single department has benefited from it. It's hard to imagine how we operated before Kenect."
Jamie Haradine, GM | Wakeside Marine
"What a fantastic product! The install, set-up, and the training was flawless. We're already generating more leads. I am very happy!"
Rick Glantz, Partner | Glantz Law Group

Thousands of business like yours are texting with Kenect

Start texting your customers today.