Increase Revenue. Improve Reputation.

Reputation Management, Texting and AI for Dealerships

Kenect is the platform dealerships use to text customers, gather reviews, collect payments, generate leads, and manage online reputation. All powered by AI, integrated into the DMS or CRM, and endorsed by industry OEMs.

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Powering Your Service and Sales Departments

Kenect provides an easy-to-use solution to text your customers, schedule appointments, gather reviews, collect payments, generate leads, and manage your online reputation in real-time.
All powered by AI and deeply integrated into your DMS and CRM.

Transform Your Online Reputation

Triple reviews with Kenect in your first 90 days. Respond to reviews in real-time, manage reviews and stop bad reviews before they start.

“A review comes in and the Kenect team looks it over and responds according to the review. It’s great for getting an issue solved before it becomes a bigger problem.”

Jason Bell from Chemo RV
Jason Bell
Owner and CEO, Chemo RV

Get More Leads

Install a ‘Text Us’ button and see increases of 260%+ from your website. And you can instantly communicate with these leads.

"We really like Kenect’s website tool. People can easily text us questions while checking our site. It helps us get more business because it's faster than email, and we can reply to customers quickly."

Dakota Mize from Longview Lawn and Garden Equipment
Dakota Mize
Manager, Longview Lawn and Garden

Increase Revenue

The average Kenect customer increases revenue 6% in the first 12 months. That’s no joke.

"We love Kenect payments so much that we require customers to do deposits through Kenect even at shows. Once you explain to the customer how secure it is, pretty much every customer is willing to do it!"

Vinny Binsfeld from Pleasureland RV Center
Vinny Binsfeld
Sales Manager, Pleasureland RV Center

Streamline Your Service Department

Intelligently route messages to the right person. Text someone when their car or boat is ready. Stop the phone tag.

"Before Kenect, each account manager had a company phone, which was expensive. Now, each employee just uses the app to text customers which significantly cut costs and made us more organized."

Jacob Witherspoon from Carizma Motors
Jacob Witherspoon
Marketing Director, Carizma Motors

Results in Numbers


increase in qualified leads generated from your website.


online reviews in the first 90 days of using Kenect.


of text messages are read by customers and prospects.


saved per employee per day using Kenect.

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Improve Your Online Reputation

Dealers see reviews increase by 2x - 3x in the first few months using Kenect. And Kenect will fight to get your negative reviews removed.

“Kenect has gotten us 290+ 5-star reviews in just the last 14 months. Kenect has transformed how we communicate.”

Tim Mullen
Online Sales Manager, West Central Equipment

Cut Costs and Save Time

Employees are able to communicate with customers instantly via text instead of playing phone tag for hours…or days.

“Each employee just uses the Kenect app to text customers which has significantly cut costs and saves us hours per day.”

Jacob Witherspoon from Carizma Motors
Jacob Witherspoon
Marketing Director, Carizma Motors

Generate Leads and Enhance Communication

90% of customers say they prefer to text over any other communication method. We can prove it. With Kenect WebChat on your website, the leads will pour in.

 “We are saving 2-3 hours per employee per day and we received 150 leads in the first month. Kenect is the BEST tool to improve communication.”

Kevin Hoffpauir
VP of Sales, PPL Motorhomes

Deeply Integrated with the Tools Dealerships Use

Kenect is integrated with more than 100 platforms and systems that dealerships use everyday. From your DMS to your lead management system; from your payment tools to your OEM portal.

Ryan Markel from Snow’s Polaris

“I recommend all dealerships use Kenect. If you’re not reaching out to your customers with texting, you’re missing the boat. We have all the departments in our dealership running on Kenect. Customers want you to text them.”

Ryan Markel
Sales Manager, Snow’s Polaris

The Most Robust Reputation Management Platform for Dealerships

Kenect is powered by Integrations, partnered with OEMs, and supercharged by AI. See how much it will impact your dealership today.