Your customers want to text you. Let them.

Engage with your customers where they are— texting on their phone. Double your leads, generate online reviews, and capture payments— all via text.

Text your customers with a business phone number
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Ranked the #216 Fastest Growing Company in America
Ranked the #36 Fastest Growing Technology Company in North America

Business Texting

Stop texting customers on your personal cell phone. It's not professional, it's inconvenient, and it's quasi-weird. Instead, text them from a business number.  

The texts flow into your Kenect text inbox (like an email inbox, but for texts). You can respond to them, intelligently route them to individuals, teams, locations, or departments AND even create auto-responses.

This will save you time, get you more clients, and connect you with customers and clients more quickly.

Kenect is the best business tool you're not using. Your customers and clients will choose the first company who engages with them. Make sure that's you.

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Online Reviews

Reviews are the lifeblood of your business. Today's consumer trusts reviews more than they trust an in-person referral from their mom. Studies show that if you don't have 150+ reviews and an average of 4.5 stars you're in trouble.

Kenect provides a simple platform to get reviews, respond to reviews, and manage your online reputation in real time.

Kenect will allow you to get 35x more reviews than you get now (that's true).  

Kenect is a review generating machine for your company. Turn on the machine! 

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Web Leads™️

Add the 'Text Us' widget to the bottom of your site and start texting with your customers immediately. You'll get so many leads you'll be begging for mercy.

The average Kenect client gets 260% more leads by simply adding the 'Text Us' widget to the bottom of their page. And the best part: you can automate responses and intelligently route the texts to people, departments or employees.

Get leads and respond to them immediately. The quicker you respond, the more likely you are to get a new lead.

Remember, they really want to text you, stop making it so difficult.

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Think about how easy it is to send a text message, now it's that easy to get paid. Simply send a text  to your customers and get paid. It's that simple. Your customers will love it and so will you. It's the simplest payments tool on the planet.

This will get you paid faster, reduce your accounts receivable, and it's 100% secure and PCI compliant.

Let us show you the money!!

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Your customers want to text you.
Let them.

No one wants to call you anymore. No one wants to fill out a form. Let your customers text you (and get more leads).

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98% of text messages are opened

And 95% are read. That's better than the 12% open rates you're getting from emails.

260% increase in leads from your website

Put Kenect's "Text Us" button on your site and your leads will go up. Dramatically.

35x more reviews from your customers

Use Kenect for online review generation and reputation management and you'll get more reviews than ever.

How's Kenect going to help my business? 

Increase Revenue

The average Kenect customer increases revenue 6% in the first 12 months.

Get More Leads

Install a "Text Us" button and see increases of 260%+ in leads from your website.

Better Communication

Send pictures, reminders, automated texts, schedule appointments (remember 98% of text messages get read).

Increase Efficiency

Texting allows you reduce voicemail by 84% and on-hold calls by 81%.

Save Time

Intelligently route messages to the right person, location or department, which saves you loads of time.

Get Marketing Attribution

Every text shows you the URL and page source information for the person messaging you.

Simplicity, power and texting. See what Kenect's platform does.

Kenect brings texting, web leads, payments and reputation management together in one platform. Our customers say it's the most vital and important tool they use.

Trusted by thousands and thousands of businesses like yours.

The freshest content on reputation management, text-to-pay, business texting and more....

See how you can get 260% more leads from your current site