Get Paid Faster With Text-to-Pay

Collect sales and service payments instantly via text. Customers fill out their information, and you get paid faster, all through the Kenect platform.

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Diversify Your Payment Options With Text-to-Pay

You can now ask for payment via text. No long wait times for deposits, and no more playing phone tag with customers.


Get Payments via Text

Now you can ask customers for deposits, pre-payments, and invoices all via text-to-pay.

Ask for Payment

Send Text-to-Pay Request

Within the Kenect inbox, click on the payments icon. Enter the amount, the invoice number and a description, and send it off to the customer to complete the transaction.

Text Request

Customer Pays Via Text

Once the customer gets the Text-to-Pay request, they fill out their credit card information themselves, and send it back to you, all via text. Payments in two clicks.

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Get Paid

Complete the Transaction

Once the customer sends back the completed Text-to-Pay request, the payment will be approved and funds will be deposited within 24 hours. That’s it!

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Transform Payments

Text-to-Pay is Fast and Secure

You can now offer customers a fast and secure way to get payments to you. Text-to-Pay allows your business to reduce outstanding bills, collect sales deposits and increase service revenue. It also will make your field and remote service smooth and secure.

Transform Deposits and Payments

Collect sales and service payments instantly with Kenect Text-to-Pay. You can also offer customers a way to quickly get in deposits on items they are looking for without the hassle.

Offer Curbside Convenience

Now customers can quickly and easily pre-pay for products. This allows you to offer them curbside pick-ups and drop-offs, simplifying their interaction and speeding up your payment process.

Reduce Accounts Receivable

Not only will you get paid faster with Text-to-Pay, but you will also reduce accounts receivable. With Text-to-Pay, you get money within 48 hours of the transaction.

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Get Paid Faster

Text-to-Pay is the Best Option

When it comes to reaching customers and getting paid faster, Kenect Text-to-Pay is the best option.


faster payment collection in your service department with text-to-pay.


secure and PCI compliant.


of text messages are read.


of customers prefer text-to-pay when they start using it.

Vinny Binsfeld from Pleasureland RV Center

“We love Kenect payments so much that we require customers to do deposits through Kenect even at shows. Once you explain to the customer how secure it is, pretty much every customer is willing to do it!”

Vinny Binsfeld
Sales Manager, Pleasureland RV Center

Faster, Easier Payments with Text-to-Pay

Collect payments from sales and service via text instantly right from the Kenect platform.

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