Content Library: Centralized Content Creation

Empower your team to capture stunning vehicle photos and videos on their smartphones instantly accessible in a central content library.

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Streamline Communication with Content Library

Turn every salesperson into a multimedia storyteller, enriching your digital showroom and closing deals faster.

Boost Content Efficiency

The Benefits of Content Library for Dealerships

Content creation for dealer social media and marketing has often been fragmented, impossible to create, and difficult to manage. Not anymore.

Simple Content Creation

Showcase Vehicles and Exceed Customer Expectations

Dealers can craft unique and interactive marketing for each lead, showcasing vehicle highlights and captivating attention from the first click. Create a mobile experience, mobile pages, and social media posts.


Personalized Messages with Automatic Lead Follow-Up

Ditch email chaos and fragmented communication. Insead create custom content that can be personalized and customized for specific vehicles, messaging, and customers.

Create content that’s informative, simple and beautiful.

Your Brand Matters

Elevate Your Brand and Convert More

Stand out from the competition with seamless mobile marketing experience that drives engagement and closes deals efficiently. You’ll stand out from the crowd.

Branded Media

Content Library: The Features That Change the Game

Content Library is an elegant way, within the Kenect platform, to create Branded Media and vehicle specific content for mobile pages, landing pages, social media posts and campaigns–ranging from Instagram Reels to static images.

Image Selection

Select or upload images of specific vehicles and inventory. And then determine how you want to use that imagery.

Content Creation

Decide if you want to create a mobile experience, a social media post, or another experience. You can use videos, static images, captions, buttons, and titles to customize the content.

Share Images and Pages Via Text

The beauty of having a world-class content creation system sitting on a text messaging platform is that once you create the world class content…you can text it to the prospect.

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Content Library Could Change your Dealership. See How.

Content creation is probably one of the most challenging things you do. Simplify it, with Kenect.