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Customers choose you based on reviews

Get 35x more reviews

Right now about 1% of your customers leave you a review. You can increase that to 35% with Kenect.

No joke.

Respond to reviews

With Kenect you can respond to reviews in real-time.

Don't let one bad review define your business.

88% of consumers trust online reviews more than their mom

Okay, not their mom, but they trust reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Kenect is the best platform to gather and manage your online reviews.

If you don't have a process to gather and manage your online reviews, you need to get one. Texting via Kenect should be a big part of that process.

In 2 clicks and 10 seconds, you can generate a 5-star review with Kenect.

How do you get 35x more reviews with  Kenect?

Step 1 - Create a process

After a happy customer or client experience, create a text message that asks for a review. Then do it every time (our team will show you how). Rinse and repeat.

Step 2 - Send the text

Send a text to your happy customers or clients asking for a review. Be proactive. Don't just sit back and wait for the angry customers and clients to leave reviews.

Step 3 - Customers leave reviews and star ratings

99% of people ignore email requests for reviews. But if they get it via text, they won't ignore it. They'll leave you a rating and a review in two clicks. Boom done.

Step 4 - Manage reviews and online reputation

Kenect's reviews platform allows you to respond to, moderate, and update reviews in real-time.

Responding to every review--even the bad ones--is critical. Kenect allows you to do that seamlessly.

Online reviews matter...maybe more than anything else.

Kenect allows you to gather online reviews and manage your online reputation better than ANY other platform. It's simple and effective.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

You read reviews before you buy a burrito. Your customers are going to read them before they contact you.

87% of consumers won't consider a company with bad online ratings

You better have at least 150 reviews and they better be recent. If you have a few bad reviews, and not very many good ones, you're going to lose customers.

71% of companies say they don't have enough reviews

And what's worse? They don't know how to get them.

Only 1% of your customers will leave a review unless you text. With texting, it's 35%

35% ain't 100%, but it's a heck of a lot more than 1%.

Make it easy--ask for reviews via text

You have a lot of happy customers, and those customers would gladly leave you a positive online review...as long as it's easy! Kenect's business texting platform was created to make it easy.

When you ask your customers to leave online reviews via text they're 35x (yes that's 35x) more likely to leave a review than if you request that review via email.

With Kenect there's a simple 3-step process we'll help you use to get reviews. It's fast, easy, and effective and it works 35x better than what you're doing now.

What do clients want to see in your reviews?

Quality - Star rating is the most important factor and 5-star reviews are preferred.

Quantity - The more reviews the better! You need to have a minimum of 150 reviews. The quantity of reviews drives greater conversion rates and makes Google more likely to show your company's listing.

Recency - 73% of consumers disregard reviews older than 90 days.

Responsiveness - Consumers want to see you respond to reviews--good ones and bad ones. It shows that you're engaged and that you care. You can do all this via Kenect.

Manage all your reviews

Manage all your reviews in one place with Kenect.

You'll receive notifications when your customers and clients leave reviews on Facebook and Google.

And you can respond to those reviews with Kenect. 40% of consumers say that owner responses were key to a purchasing decision.

Kenect is your hub for online review gathering and reputation management.

"Kenect is the best way to communicate with clients. It allows you to send and receive texts from your business phone number. You can use it from your desktop or cell phone app. It is excellent."
William Dreyer, Founding Partner| Dreyer Boyajian, Attorneys at Law
"Our law firm uses Kenect to replace our previous review platform. The convenience of streamlining reviews, texting and all that Kenect offers shows us we made the right decision."
John Hickey, Founding Partner| Hickey Law Firm

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