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Reply to reviews from directly within the Kenect platform. Or, if you don’t have time, our team of Managed Reputation experts can do it for you.

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 Reputation Management

Reply to Every Review

55% of customers say they won’t visit a dealership that doesn’t reply to reviews. Replying rapidly can help you get new customers, validate positive interactions, and explain bad ones. The challenge is it that it is tough and it takes time. Kenect makes it simple.

Scalable Online Reputation

Single Pane of Glass Replies

Often the most frustrating part of replying to reviews is having to log in to various platforms to respond. This is no longer a problem.

One of the biggest benefits of Kenect is being able to reply to reviews across the internet, within Kenect. Reply everywhere from one place.

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 Reputation Management

Customers Trust You

Data shows that customers trust businesses that reply to reviews. They even change their opinion about businesses–good or bad–based on the responses. Kenect allows dealerships to streamline this process and respond to everything.

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Instant Trust

Services to Supplement Your Team

One massive benefit that dealerships love about Kenect: if you can’t reply to every review rapidly, our team of experts will do it for you. Our Managed Reputation team will reply to every review within 24 hours. We’ll let you approve the reply before it’s published.

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Review Responses

Replying to Reviews Rapidly

75% of businesses don’t reply to reviews–good or bad. And those that do, reply weeks or even months later. We can help you fix that.

Text Review Requests

Before you reply to reviews, you must get reviews. Most dealerships try to email to get reviews. That only produces reviews around 2% of the time. Text to get reviews instead. You’ll generate reviews up to 58% of the time.

Reply Within Kenect

The biggest hurdle most dealerships have with review replies is having to log into the review platform and reply there. Kenect solves that by allowing you to respond by simply replying within Kenect.

Managed Reviews

If replying to reviews is too challenging or time-consuming (which it is for many dealerships), our team of review experts can reply for you.

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Reputation Management

Replying to Reviews is Critical

Customers won’t take you seriously if you don’t reply to reviews. Replying to every review rapidly really matters.


of customers say a dealerships review reply changed their opinion.


of people say they are more likely to visit a business if it responds to reviews.


of people read negative reviews FIRST.


of people read positive review responses before reading reviews.

Jason Bell from Chemo RV

“It’s great for responding to reviews and helping us solve any problems before they get bigger."

Jason Bell
Owner, Chemo RV

Reputation Management for Dealerships

Make a plan to generate more reviews and handle your negative reviews.

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