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Use Kenect to Publish Your Social Media Posts

Create Content Calendar

Schedule posts where your audience most expects to connect with you, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

You can post your stories, specials, events and testimonials across the most important social media platforms. For auto dealers, you can even access OEM libraries, making it easy for you to post brand specific content.

Publish Pictures and Videos

Customers want to see pictures and videos before they travel to your business. With Kenect, your staff can capture and send videos of all types to consumers, from introducing yourself to a prospect, to walkarounds, to showing completed repairs, and more. 

You’ll  see higher show rates and increased sales conversions.

Schedule or Post Now

You can post the moment you feel the need. Or you an thoughtfully schedule your posts days, weeks, or months in the future. 

Stay organized with your presence on social media.

Social Media Impact

Companies that post on social media regularly have better customer relationships and get more positive reviews. 

With Kenect Social Media Publishing, you an post on all the social media platforms and engage with your customers, or prospects, wherever they are. They are just waiting to here from you.

Win with Videos and Photos

Stand out from the competition by posting videos and photos of your business and products.

You can assign individuals to post on your team, or give the entire team access and then approve posts yourself. View all incoming content from your team and ensure OEM or legal compliance, customer name/likeness usage approval, and adherence to any other policies or guidelines. 

Prevent content from being stored on employee’s personal devices

Do it Yourself, or Let Us Post For You

Many businesses know they should post on social media, but they don’t have time. If you’re in that situation, let us post for you. 

Kenect Managed Services can provide social media posting at your direction. We amplify what your team is doing and take tasks off your plate.

"Kenect has been a game-changer for our business! Every single department has benefited from it. It's hard to imagine how we operated before Kenect."
Jamie Haradine, GM | Wakeside Marine
"What a fantastic product! The install, set-up, and the training was flawless. We're already generating more leads. I am very happy!"
Rick Glantz, Partner | Glantz Law Group

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