Text Messaging

Text your customers from your business phone number. Stop playing phone tag. Your customers want to text you. Let them. See why 10,000 dealerships use Kenect.

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How Does Text Messaging for Dealerships Work?

97% of text messages are opened. Stop playing phone tag and start texting customers. It’ll speed up your service department, and keep your sales team top of mind.

Business Texting

How It Works

Only 17% of business emails are opened. Less than 1% of voicemails are listened to. Compare that to 98% of text messages being opened with 1 minute. Start texting now and stop wasting time and annoying customers.

Texting is Simple

1-to-1 Texting

Your service department can text updates, pictures, questions and get answers in real-time. Your sales team can send pictures, video-walkarounds and price updates. This changes the way dealerships–of any shape and size–communicate with customers.

Easy to Use

Texting Inbox

Data shows that customers trust businesses that reply to reviews. They even change their opinion about businesses–good or bad–based on the responses. Kenect allows dealerships to streamline this process and respond to everything.

Social Posts

Facebook and Instagram Alongside Texts

Kenect doesn't just capture texts, it also incorporates your Facebook and Instagram messages into one inbox. Just one single pane-of-glass for all of your messages.

Automated Texting

Full Integrated Texting with Your DMS

Imagine sending a text message from your business phone number to a customer that they instantly see and respond to. Speed up your service department and delight your customers.

Automated Texting Triggers

Automatically send a text when a customer buys a vehicle or leaves your service department based on your DMS or other system. Set up triggers, alerts, and templates in a flash.

Calendar Texts

Plan texts to send on future days, down to the hour and minute. Use existing templates or write your own.

Text Important Information

Send pictures, videos, PDFs, attachments and even links to receive payment. Give it a try. Your customers will LOVE it.

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The Data

The Real Results of Texting

Texting has a real and immediate impact on dealers. It reduces voicemails, decreases man hours talking with customers, and allows you to have record of every interaction. You can also collect payments via text.


in leads from your website.


of text messages are read nearly instantly.


decrease in voicemails.


minutes saved per customer interaction.

Jonathan Wright from SWS Marine

“If you’re not using Kenect, you need to! It will transform the way you communicate with customers. Over 10,000 text messages in 6 months. Saves time from phone calls!”

Jonathan Wright
Partner, SWS Marine

Texting for Dealerships

Turn your main business number into a textable line. Instead of playing phone tag, just text. Streamline your service department, and sell faster.