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Our support team will answer any questions about your Kenect account, share best practices, provide guidance, and tell you how other customers in your industry use Kenect. No question is too big or too small.

We love our customers!

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Customer Success

We have built a team of experts devoted to your success.  Kenect is deeply committed to helping our customers.

Customer Success

Strategic consultation sessions to set goal and success metrics, maximize your investment in Kenect. Accomplish real results for your business.

Customer Onboarding

Setting up your account and various integrations and then training every customer to know how to accomplish their goals through Kenect.

Customer Support

Kenect won't leave you hanging. We are available to answer technical questions and troubleshoot urgent needs with our product experts.

Managed Services

Let us create staff efficiency and save costs by managing your online reputation for you, responding to reviews, responding to WebChats to generate leads, and disputing negative reviews.

Customer Education

Kenect customers can access hundreds of on-demand resources, product, and best practice videos, technical documentation, FAQs, trainings and webinars.

Customer Communication

We provide regular communication on best practices, customer case studies, new products and features, and automated messages to let you know when you've hit major milestones in the product. We want to share information with you!

Kenect - Reputation Management and Texting

We are dedicated to helping our customers and answering your questions quickly. We can also introduce you to new Kenect features and products you may not be using.