Review Automation and Mass Reviews

Get reviews without lifting a finger. DMS events and lead status changes can trigger review requests. Or, you can scale the process by asking hundreds of people at once.

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Get Reviews Faster with Mass Reviews

Most dealerships have customers from months or years ago that were never asked to leave a review. The time to ask is now.

Reputation Management

Mass Reviews and Review Automation Streamline Your Process

Gathering reviews used to be a manual and slow process. Not anymore. With mass review requests and automated review request triggers based on DMS events, your dealership can get reviews immediately.

Scalable Online Reputation

Get Reviews Automatically with DMS & CRM Triggers

Kenect integrates with dozens of the systems and DMS that dealerships use. Based on ‘Events’ or other triggers within the DMS, Kenect will send a review request text message. Imagine sending a text message requesting a review when Lead Status changes to ‘Deal Closed’ or ‘Service Completed’.

Instant Results

More Reviews Impact on Google Rankings

Whether you utilize Kenect’s Mass Reviews functionality and ask a large group of people at once for a review and/or you use the triggers built into our many DMS integrations, the results will be similar: more reviews.

That will impact your Google rankings and allow you to make more money.

Reviews en Masse

Review Gathering from Former Customers

 Many dealers realize they have never asked former customers for reviews. Now that’s easy. Upload a new contact list to Kenect and send a review request to hundreds of customers at once. Or, even send a review request to everyone who bought from you in a specific quarter or month.

Review Automation and Mass Reviews

Features That Help You Scale Reviews Rapidly

Dealerships that begin working with Kenect see dramatic increases in reviews in the first 90 days. These are the features they use to accomplish that.

Text Review Requests

Most dealerships try to email to get reviews. That only produces reviews around 2% of the time. Text to get reviews instead. You’ll generate reviews up to 58% of the time.

Automated Review Requests

Kenect integrates with your DMS and other systems. This allows you to automate review requests that are based on DMS triggers or events.

Mass Review Requests

Texting is the most immediate, impactful, and powerful way to generate reviews….now you can select or upload a list and ask hundreds of customers at once for a review.

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The Impact of Reputation Management

Negative Reviews Can Have a Real Impact

Minimizing negative Google reviews is absolutely vital. Private feedback can help you do that.


of Kenect’s DMS integrations have automated review triggers.


of people say they will use a business ONLY if it has a 4+ star rating.


Customers are 35x more likely to leave you a review if you text.


Dealerships increase 300% in Google reviews after starting with Kenect.

“Before I even start talking about the added revenue, Kenect is going to save me $20,000 this year just from the review generation process allowing me to cut costs in advertisements and direct mail.”

Travis McCrate
President, Tulsa New Holland

Reputation Management for Dealerships

Make a plan to generate more reviews and handle your negative reviews. Make Kenect part of that plan.