Text Your Customers

Your customers want to text you. Let them. With Kenect you can text your customers right from your existing business phone number. No need to play phone tag or get a new line. 97% of all text messages are opened, so you can get information to customers fast, and get a response quickly.

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Business Texting

How Kenect Helps Dealerships Text Customers

This is what we do best! Start texting customers from your main business phone number. No need to call or play phone tag. Get your answers quickly via text.

Texting vs Phone Calls

Text, Don’t Call

89% of customers would prefer to get a text from a business rather than a phone call. You will also see an 84% decrease in voicemails. Customers won’t have to wait until they're out of a meeting. They can text you back anytime.

What Do I Text Them?

Send More While Texting With Your Customers

With the Kenect platform, you can text customers pictures of their vehicle. You can also send invoices. You can even set up automated reminders and schedule maintenance notices right in the platform.

Texting Inbox

What Do Texts Look Like When They Come In?

All texts from customers will flow into an inbox, similar to an email inbox, but for texts. That will allow you and anyone on your team to respond to each text as it comes in. You can route text to a certain department, or another location, and it will all flow through that one business phone number.

Jacob Witherspoon from Carizma Motors

“Before Kenect, each account manager had a company phone, which was expensive. Now, each employee just uses the app to text customers which significantly cut costs and made us more organized.”

Jacob Witherspoon
Marketing Director, Carizma Motors
Use Business Texting

Features of Texting Customers, Rather Than Calling

Kenect is designed to help businesses text customers quickly and easily. Gone are the days of long phone calls and voicemails with customers. Now you can get a response in minutes.

Increase Response Times

95% of all text messages that are opened, are read within 3 minutes. This means you are going to get information back and forth from customers quickly.

Increase Revenue

The average Kenect customer sees an increase in revenue of 6% in the first 12 months of using texting. Companies who text make more money. Period.

Increase Leads

You can add a WebChat feature to your website, which will produce a 260%+ increase in leads from your site. You can also receive texts from Facebook and Instagram.

Increase Mobile Responses

Add our Kenect mobile app to receive text messages on your phone, anywhere you can get a signal. No need to use your personal cell phone number. It’s all still connected to that main business number.

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Text Your Customers

Customers would prefer to get a text from a business rather than a phone call. Make sure you are offering customers the best way to reach you.