Improve Your Google Ranking with Kenect

Google will rank your dealership based on your star rating and how many reviews you have. Kenect can help you with both.

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Reputation Management

How Kenect Helps Dealerships Rank Higher on Google

Having a great star rating, replying to reviews, and consistently generating new reviews is vitally important.

Texting vs Emailing

Texting Produces More Reviews

Many dealers attempt to get more Google reviews by emailing and asking the customer to leave them a review. This only works about 2% of the time. On the other hand, when a dealership uses Kenect to text a review request, they get reviews between 35% and 58% of the time.

Eliminate Bad Reviews

Bad Reviews Disappear

The biggest headache for many dealerships is negative reviews. Just a few negative reviews can sink a business. And it’s very difficult to get them removed.

Let Kenect try.

Our Managed Reputation experts will dispute negative reviews with Google and get rid of them nearly 55% of the time.

Managed Reputation

Let Kenect Reply to All of Your Reviews

75% of businesses don’t respond to their Google reviews. And yet there is almost nothing more important. Customers literally change their opinion about your dealership based on your replies.

Kenect allows your dealership to respond to reviews from directly within Kenect. If you don’t have time, we can help. Our Managed Reputation team of experts will reply to reviews on your behalf.

Jason Bell from Chemo RV

“A review comes in and the Kenect team looks it over and responds according to the review. It’s great for getting an issue solved before it becomes a bigger problem.”

Jason Bell
Owner, Chemo RV
Google Reviews

Features That Help Dealerships Rank Higher on Google

Kenect can help dealers rank higher on Google nearly instantly. More positive reviews + fewer bad reviews = higher rankings.

Text Review Requests

Texting is 35x more effective than email at gathering Google reviews. Customers can leave reviews almost instantly with a simple text generated by Kenect.

Automated Review Requests

Deep DMS integrations allow automated texts to trigger when certain Events or Statuses change within your systems. Request reviews automatically.

Mass Review Requests

Have customers that have never been asked to leave a review? Kenect allows you to send a review request to hundreds of customers at a time.

Managed Disputes

Stop wasting hundreds of hours dealing with Google. Our team of experts can get 55% of negative reviews removed by Google. No joke.

Managed Reviews

You can reply to reviews directly within Kenect, or we can reply to them for you. It takes time and effort to reply to each one.

Reviews Dashboard

See every trend, result and metric that you could possibly imagine related to Google reviews from your custom, real-time reviews dashboard.

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See How Dealers Generate More Reviews with Kenect

See why more than 10,000 dealers use Kenect as their reputation management platform.