OPE Dealers: Text Customers and Collect Payments

Kenect is used by thousands of OPE dealers across North America and has co-op partnerships with many of the top OEMs. Dealers use Kenect to text customers, streamline service calls, collect payments via text, and generate more leads.

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Thousands of OPE Dealers Use Kenect Everyday

OPE dealers use Kenect more than almost any other type of business. They use Kenect to collect payments via text, speed up communication, send PDFs, pictures or attachments, and even to generate new leads and answer questions.

Text Messaging

The Benefits of Kenect for OPE Dealers

OPE dealers that use Kenect communicate better with customers, collect payments more easily, and generate more online reviews. It doesn’t get more impactful than that.

Instant Communication

Texting to Save Time and Money

Nothing is more frustrating for your team or your customers than phone tag to tell them their lawnmower is ready, or the new machine they want to buy is in the shop. End that now. Text customers directly from your business number. And even send large broadcast messages to hundreds of customers at once.

Texts are read 98% of the time and turn 20 minute phone calls into 30 second text conversations.

Communicate with Leads

Generate More Leads Than Ever Before

Every OPE business says they need more consistent lead flow. Use Kenect WebChat and put a ‘Text Us’ button on your website. OPE dealers that do see a 260% increase in leads. One OPE dealer who averaged less than 10 leads per month before Kenect now sees over 30 each month.

People want to text you. Let them.  


Collect Payments Faster via Text

Your customers would prefer to pay you via text. OPE dealers that offer this as an option learn really quickly that customers prefer it. Some dealers are now collecting 80%+ of their total payments via text.

It works great for OPE dealer pricepoint. Money hits your account within 24 hours.

Dakota Mize from Longview Lawn and Garden Equipment

“We love Kenect’s website widget tool (WebChat). People easily text us questions while checking on our site. It’s helping us get more business.”

Dakota Mize
Manager, Longview Lawn and Garden Equipment
Features OPE Dealers Use

OPE Dealers Depend on Kenect

Whether you sell lawnmowers, weedeaters, small equipment or are in the rental business, thousands of dealers like you use Kenect every single day. We integrate with your systems, your DMS, and your business.

Broadcast Messaging

Create and send text messages to hundreds of customers at a time. Automate and personalize messages to save you time and get a 98% open rate.

Update Customers via Text

Text customers using your main business phone number. Stop the phone tag. Text when a lawnmower is ready, when they need to pick something up, or for permission to do more.


Collect payments via text. This will transform your service department and make transactions faster, cheaper and more secure. Customers love it.

Text During Busy Season

Text customers from your main number. You can send photos, videos, PDFs, attachments and even negotiate via text.


Paying over text is awesome, but some customers want to pay in installments. Hundreds of dealers use Kenect to do this. You get paid right away.


Using the Text Us button on your website allows OPE dealers to generate more leads than they have ever had before. Reply fast. Make money.

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See How Texting can Help Your Business

Stop wasting time calling customers, playing phone tag, and getting negative reviews. Optimize your business with Kenect.