Improve CSI Scores

CSI scores are an ever-present worry for dealerships. Kenect can help you improve them by up to 40%.

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CSI Scores

Getting Higher CSI Scores

Bad CSI scores can impact financial incentives, OEM relationships and, of course, they reflect customer satisfaction. See how Kenect can help.

Texting and CSI

Texting Boosts CSI

Customers that leave negative feedback most frequently reference a perception of poor communication with a dealer. Perhaps they weren’t clear on pricing, felt like the rep didn’t communicate clearly, or that the process was messy.

Texting solves all of that with a 98% open rate, every interaction in writing, and instant replies. CSI scores go up.

Know Before The Score

Know the Customer Sentiment BEFORE the CSI

The moment after the customer interaction, you can send a Private Feedback request via Kenect. The customer is asked if they had a good experience or a bad one. If they had a bad one, the feedback is only shared with you. You are then able to reach out, take action, and resolve the situation BEFORE they receive the CSI survey. This way everybody wins.

Eliminate Bad CSI

Bad CSI Scores Disappear

When dealerships text more, figure out if the customer had a bad experience prior to the CSI survey arriving, and then reach out to resolve the problem, the CSI scores can rise by an average of up to 40%.

Improve CSI

Features That Help Improve CSI

The impact on CSI scores is dramatic and immediate when they use Kenect. 

Text Messaging

Dealerships that use texting heavily in their service department and sales department have happier customers. Simple.

Private Feedback

Our Private Feedback functionality allows dealers to cull out negative feedback so only you can see it. You become aware of negative feelings before the CSI surveys are sent.

Text Replies

Reach out directly to the customers and solve the issue. You know they’re frustrated, reach out and solve it.

Request Information

See How Dealers Generate More Reviews with Kenect

See why more than 10,000 dealerships use Kenect as their reputation management platform.