When Texting is Better Than Calling

May 26
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Business Texting

Back when I was in high school and we wanted to set up a date with someone we had a crush on, we would call.

We had to call the girl’s house. Her dad, or mom, would answer. We’d then have to ask for the girl we wanted to ask out.

It was awful and awkward.

I could have used texting back then. I could’ve really used it.

Here are a few examples of conversations that, today, are time-wasting and phone-tag ridden conversations, that could easily be replaced by a text conversation.

1) Service Department at a Dealership

Instead of trying to reach the customer, playing phone tag, and trying to get permission to fix something, text instead.

Those phone conversations, in the best-case scenario, take 30 minutes to 1 hour. And often the phone tag stretches into several hours or days.

How many times have you needed permission to fix something, and you couldn’t get it until the next day?

What’s happening during that time? That vehicle is sitting in a service bay or a parking space taking up room and not making you money.

Text instead. The customer will respond within 3 minutes 96% of the time.

2) Sharing Case Information or Meeting/Hearing Information at a Law Firm

Many a paralegal, legal assistant, or attorney has spent hours playing phone tag and having pointless conversations with a client when they simply called to give a schedule update.

But you can’t reach the client…they’re at lunch, in a meeting, or can’t talk for some reason.

Stop wasting time playing phone tag.

Text them. They’ll see the text and respond within 3 minutes, 96% of the time.

3) Trying to Share Details About an Event at a Venue

Let’s say you own an event venue, or are in charge of events at a hotel or restaurant. How many times are going back and forth with your client about small details, about place settings, flowers, technology, or some other small detail?

I had an event manager tell me the other day that she has played phone tag with someone for OVER A WEEK to try to get the go-ahead or a decision on a small detail.

Stop the insanity!

Text them. They’ll see the text and respond within 3 minutes, 96% of the time.

Get texting for your business