Integrate with Your DMS or CRM

Once you start texting customers, you want to make sure you are keeping track of all the data you collect from them. Kenect is integrated with the leading DMS and CRM systems in the industry, allowing you to seamlessly work between systems.

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Connect with Your DMS

Kenect Works With You

It's important to know who is texting and how often, so they can get a response quickly. By adding Kenect to your DMS or CRM, you can always stay in the loop.

Contact Sync

Connect Your Customers

Kenect can sync up with your DMS or CRM to ensure you get every text from every customer. It comes into the Kenect platform, and then shows up in your DMS or CRM, ready for you to take the next step.

Conversation Posting

Capture Communication With Customers

Once you start texting back and forth with customers in the Kenect platform, you can connect your DMS or CRM in real-time to see conversations between your employees and customers. You can follow their sales or service journey from start to finish.

Lead Generation

Capture Every Lead that Comes In

You can capture inbound leads coming in through Kenect, and automatically forward them to your DMS or CRM. Leads coming in from your website will have all the contact information available to reach out to the customer as soon as possible.

Jamie Yandell from National Trailer Source

“We love that Kenect integrates with our DMS, Motility. Its helps with gathering reviews, keeping track of leads, and integrates into the CRM we were already using. With new customers, it automatically adds them into our system so we can follow up with that lead and close the deal.”

Jamie Yandell
Sales Manager, National Trailer Source
Sync With Your DSM

Integrate to Capture More Customers

Text with Kenect, and then sync up with your DMS or CRM. Any information from Kenect will be integrated with your DMS or CRM to make sure customers get a quick and accurate response. It’s that simple.

Capture Leads Faster

Not only will you get leads faster by using Kenect texting, but you will also be able to automatically send all the information to your DMS or CRM. This allows you to quickly qualify leads, and respond to customers.

Post Conversation Histories

We can also post all the texting conversations in Kenect, right into your DMS or CRM. This will allow you to see if the customer got a response to their questions and see if you have anything you want to revisit.

Automatically Send Texts

You can set up texting triggers within your DMS or CRM to send to customers. This can be based on opportunity status like a sold item, or introduction to a new customer.

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Integrate with Your DMS or CRM

 Once you start texting with Kenect, make sure it is synced with your DMS or CRM. Gather data from conversations and capture leads to make sure you are getting the most out of this platform.