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Why partner with Kenect

Kenect allows you to provide more value to your customers. We make your products stickier and your offerings better.

Your customers will love you because Kenect will allow them to communicate more efficiently, capture payments more easily, generate more reviews, and capture more leads.

Kenect is in the top 5% of the Inc 5000 and is one of the fastest growing companies in North America. This is a great time to become a partner.

Types of Partnerships

Our partner program is not one-size-fits-all. We offer customer partnerships for every type of business and every size of business. Each partnership is important to us. We'll work with you to build a custom marketing plan that we both agree on--a plan that will promote our partnership and impact your customers in a positive way.

Technology Integrators - Kenect partners with the leading technology providers to law firms, dealers, high-end retail, weddings, and venues. We have an integrations team that will work closely with you to build world-class integrations.

Agencies and Consultants
- If you run an agency or consultancy--large or small--you can partner with Kenect. We set up exclusive agency and consultant referral relationships routinely. This allows you to build value with your clients and improve your offerings.

Associations and Membership Groups- Many trade associations partner with Kenect to provide more value--and special Kenect pricing--to their members.

OEMs - Manufacturers across the equipment, powersports, RV, marine, trailer, OPE, automotive, tool, and other industries, partner with Kenect to provide exclusive access and pricing to their dealers.

Becoming a Kenect partner: What's the process?

We want to make the partnership process simple. So...we do.

Simply fill out this form and one of our experienced partnership directors (they've been doing this for a long long time...they're old) will reach out immediately. We'll do a demo of the Kenect product for you and your team.

Once we figure out the specifics of the partnership we'll sit down and come up with a joint marketing plan to make sure the partnership works.

It's a win-win situation...actually win-win-win.

The Benefits of Being a Kenect Partner

We're adding new partners every single month. See why our partners love working with Kenect.

More Money

Regardless of the type of partner you are--integrator, reseller, referral partner, association, or OEM--you get residuals from Kenect. That adds up. And it matters.

Your customers/members/dealers will LOVE you

By partnering with Kenect you'll be bringing them more value than you have before. They'll stay longer, be happier, and sing your praises! 

More marketing

When our marketing engine joins forces with you, we both grow. We're talking joint campaigns, joint webinars, sponsorships, speaking opportunities and more. Lots lots more.

Hitch yourself to a rising star

Kenect is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. This is the time to join forces and do something GREAT together.

What your customers can do with Kenect.

Increase Revenue

The average Kenect customer increases revenue 6% in the first 12 months.

Get More Leads

Install the web texting and see increases of 260%+ in leads from your website

Better Communication

Send pictures, reminders, automated texts, schedule appointments and gather feedback via surveys

Increase Efficiency

Texting allows you reduce unnecessary calls by 31% and on-hold calls by 81%

Simplicity and Precision

Intelligently route messages to the right person, location or department.

Get Marketing Attribution

Every text shows you the URL and page source information for the person messaging you.

See if a Kenect partnership fits