Kenect Partner Program

Kenect is adding new partners each month. See why so many OEMs, integrators, and other partners love working with Kenect.

Partnership Benefits

Why OEMs and Integrators Love Kenect

Dealer Revenue

Increased Impact for OEMs

If you’re an OEM, your dealers that use Kenect will sell more units and make more money. Your dealers will recognize your value by including Kenect in your preferred vendor and co-op programs.

Be Sticky

Dealer Loyalty

OEMs are constantly seeking to add value to their dealers. With Kenect you’ll bring clear, simple, and instant value: business texting and reputation management for their dealership. They’ll be happier and sing your praises.

More Marketing

Launch Partners

We don’t sign a partnership agreement and then leave you to fend for yourself. We do joint campaigns, joint webinars, sponsorships, speaking opportunities and more. We ensure that the partnership will be successful. Our goal is to enroll as many dealers as possible.

Your Revenue

More Money for Integrators

Integrators get paid when your customers sign up. Once the integration is built, you sit back and the checks roll in. And they build over time. Don’t be the only DMS in your industry that isn’t our partner.

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"Kenect is a great partner and an outstanding preferred vendor. Our dealers love their platform and working with them. Partnering with Kenect is one of the best decisions we've made, and the results speak for themselves."
Anthony Chaput
Marketing Manager - Dealer Planning

Partnership FAQ

With hundreds of OEM, agency, and technology integration partners, we’ve learned a few things. Here are some FAQs.

What types of integrations do you have?

They are largely custom integrations based on your DMS, payment system, marketing platform or other software.

Does Kenect do all the work for technology integrations?

We do most of it, but there are probably certain to-do items for both of us with any integrations.

Are you in co-op for most of your OEM partners?

Yes. But not all. There are many ways we can work together.

How many partners do you have?

We have over 100 technology integration and OEM partners. For a full list reach out to someone on our partner team.

Is there a cost to partner with Kenect?

No. If you’re an OEM we want to be on your co-op plan, in your preferred vendor program, and enroll as many dealers as possible.

Kenect Can Help Your Dealerships

Bring instant value to the dealerships you work with by partnering with Kenect.

Become a Kenect Partner

We have hundreds of partners–from integrators to OEMs and agencies. We will make sure your dealers get taken care of and we build value for YOU.