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The Best Part of Texting for SMBs

Business Texting
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There are a lot of important and vital components of texting for SMBs. But perhaps the most important one, the one that matters the most to SMBs is SPEED.

Your consumers want to talk with you NOW.

Google and Amazon have trained us to demand, and to expect a response immediately. It is no longer acceptable, professional, or reasonable to expect a customer to call you, wait on hold, and struggle to talk to the right person.

Those days are over.

Today people expect immediacy.

And that’s the best part of texting for SMBs. They can get immediacy.

Texting is Fast

98% of text messages are read. And 95% of those are read within 90 seconds.

That’s unprecedented speed that SMBs have never had before. There is no scenario where it should take minutes or hours or days to respond to a text message. Those days should be—and thankfully at most businesses—are in the past.

Speed means that you get immediate responses from customers, and you get immediate feedback on new products, prices, or promotions.

Most importantly, however, it means you can sell faster. You can move product—whether it’s cars, tractors, rings, jewelry, or services—more quickly.

You make more money faster.

That’s the best part of texting for SMBs.

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