On the Road With Kenect: WMBA

Nov 23
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Behind The Scenes

We have gone to several events in 2022, including many in the retail space. This month we headed down to Las Vegas to meet with business leaders in the wedding industry.

The Wedding Merchants Business Academy was held this year at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and it was a big success. There were thousands of people in attendance. They were there to learn about the latest style, technology, and sales innovations in the wedding industry over the past year.

Kenect had a booth set up, and it was busy throughout the three-day convention. Many people had questions about texting, google reviews, and video consultations. It was a way for people in the industry to learn more about texting, or for those who had texting, to improve what they had!

We had new customers from all across the wedding industry, from venues to entertainment to planning. All of them decided to join Kenect.

We also got a chance to speak at the convention, which helped us answer the many questions we got. People were able to come to the presentation and get a closer look at texting and how it can change the wedding industry.

On top of our booth, we held an “Appy Hour” reception with Merri, Rock Paper Coin, and Timeline Genius. This was a big success. It was wall-to-wall people sharing stories, talking about new technologies, and how the wedding industry is changing. It was a time for our team to let loose and get to know wedding industry leaders.

“WMBA was two days of MASSIVE ENERGY,” said Allan Mount, who was at the convention. “Thousands of attendees and we were swamped most of the show at our booth.”

This was the biggest and most successful convention we have been to so far in the wedding industry. Many people were excited to be there, to learn about new technology, and to network with fellow members of the wedding business.

This was something our team won’t soon forget. We are definitely planning to see you next year at WMBA!

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