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How Retail Businesses can Improve Communication with Customers During the Busy Holiday Season

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Many retail businesses look forward to the holiday season because it means increased consumer spending, but it can also cause stress for SMBs as well. There are long hours, more customers to tend to, employee strain, and an increased demand for goods. One of the best ways to combat the holiday stress, and keep customers happy and satisfied, is great communication. By increasing your communication with customers, they’ll get a more personalized experience, feel seen and heard, and are more likely to shop at your business in the future. 


What is the best communication tool?

You may be asking yourself, what’s the most efficient way to communicate with customers? The answer is texting.  According to a recent study, a text is typically answered within 3-5 minutes while a phone call or email is between 2-5 days. 89% of people prefer to communicate via text, so let your customers communicate the way they want!


How do I use texting to communicate with my customers?

There’s a variety of ways to use texting to increase communication. With Kenect, you can turn your main business line to text. That means no changing your number and confusing customers! Kenect can also put a “Text Us” widget on your website to bring in 260% more leads. This way customers can get in contact with you about a product quicker, without having to fill out a lengthy form and waiting days on a response. 


What are other benefits of texting?

Texting is both personal and convenient. Both you and your customers can respond at a time that works in your schedules, this especially nice during the hectic holiday season. No one has time to sit and wait for a chat bot or be on hold on the phone for hours! Texting means faster responses and a more customized approach to talking with customers. Your customers will feel seen and heard, which will make them more likely shop with you again! 


How can texting help businesses like mine?

Don’t just take our word for it. Business who use the Kenect texting platform are seeing results, as more customers use it!


“Our customers prefer texting over calling, and so do our employees! It saves us countless hours per day not having to call each customer.” – Andrea Hendricks 
“Kenect makes us feel more connected with clients everyday. We are able to text and get feedback right away. It makes life so much easier!” – Lance Drollinger
“Kenect sets boundaries with auto replies so small businesses can have more time for family and fun. It helps business owners still grow but have less stress when growing their business!” – Kevin Ramaley

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