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Transitioning From Friendemic to Kenect: A Perfect Match

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It’s been nearly six months since Kenect completed its acquisition of Friendemic and things are running smoothly. As we continue to add more customers and improve our platform, we wanted to hear from one of our employees who transitioned from Friendemic to Kenect, and just how important this acquisition is.

Marisa Onsager joined Friendemic in 2017 as a remote worker. In September of 2022, she moved over to Kenect and is working as the Principal Client Success Manager for the Enterprise Team.

Marisa says like many transitions, it has been a roller coaster of new people, new tasks, and new customers. She lives out of state but has stopped by Kenect’s office in Pleasant Grove.

“Everyone at Kenect and Friendemic has been so positive about the upcoming changes. I live in Wisconsin and have had the opportunity to visit my new team members in Utah a few times which was a great way to get to meet everyone and feel more included!”

As we move into 2023, we talked with Marisa about what she is working on, and what changes she expects. Here is part of our Q and A:

What are you working on right now?

“I’m working on transitioning into a new role at Kenect. I’ve worn a lot of different hats at Friendemic, but my most recent role was as the manager of our team for the BRP Social Essentials program.

I helped kick off the BRP program when it first launched with Friendemic at the beginning of 2021! I was able to build my team and the processes for the entire program, which was a lot of fun.

I’m now working on transitioning those responsibilities to others at Kenect while I join the Enterprise team.

I’m excited for the new challenge that comes with taking care of our larger accounts under the Enterprise umbrella. “

What does Kenect offer customers?  

“Kenect’s texting platform is the perfect pairing with Friendemic’s reputation and managed services. It will give our customers the best of both worlds with do-it-yourself options as well as the more ‘hands-off’ managed approach.

I’m so excited for our platforms to merge into one super product! Kenect’s ability to produce leads & collect payments with Friendemic’s ability to generate new positive reviews to help grow online presence is a powerful combination for the automotive and powersports dealerships I work with.”

What are some similarities between Friendemic and Kenect?  

“The main similarity between Friendemic and Kenect is how we treat our customers. We both take a consultative approach as we genuinely want to help our customers grow their businesses and not push unnecessary products that don’t match their needs or goals.”

The acquisition has not just been a positive experience for Marisa. We have seen many customers move into the Kenect platform from Friendemic in just the past few months. Right now, Kenect has nearly 8,000 customers across North America. With this acquisition, Friendemic customers now have access to Kenect’s world-class texting, payment collection, and communication tools.

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