On the Road With Kenect: MTMP

Apr 15
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Behind The Scenes

Trade shows and conventions are a great way to interact with existing customer and to bring in new ones, as we found out on our recent trip to Las Vegas.

During the pandemic, events were non-existent, and we were stuck waiting for things to open back up. Now, in the first part of 2022, we are starting to see events get back to a normal pace.

We have already been to several trade shows and conventions in 2022, and April was no exception.

Our team just got back from the Mass Torts Made Perfect seminar at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. This is a bi-annual event. It’s a way for legal professionals to learn more about the top mass torts and class action lawsuits in the industry.

Over a thousand people signed up to take part in the seminar, accounting for more than 500 firms across the country.

Dozens of vendors and Speakers also attended this event offering advice, expertise, and solutions to keep business flowing.

The Kenect team was there for the entire event starting on April 5th and ending April 7th. We got a chance to meet some of our current clients and talk about how business texting and text-to-pay has helped their practice.

We also got to share information with potential customers about the benefits of using a texting system like Kenect that is catered to help law firms improve communication with current clients and compete for a share in the client market.

This is from our team in Las Vegas:

“Wynn Hotel was a great venue. Some big names came to speak and entertain. Drew Brees and David Blaine. We spoke to lots of great firms from all over the country and signed some up. Lots of interest in using texting as a way to communicate at the firm.”

This is just the second MTMP event done in-person since the pandemic, and according to our team on the ground, there were a lot of people attending and a lot of interest. They say it was good to be able to interact with people in-person and be able to show them first-hand just how important it is to add texting as a tool for clients, especially since many have already been using it during the pandemic.

The next in-person MTMP seminar will be in the fall.

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