On the Road With Kenect: AMI Convention and Expo

Feb 11
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Behind The Scenes

With the new year comes new opportunities to meet current and potential customers, and we are now starting to get back into the swing of attending trade shows.

During the Pandemic, and even into the first part of this year, there was some uncertainty about whether some events would take place. However, we are starting to see shows start to return.

This past week, we went to Florida to check out the Association of Marine Industries Conference and Expo.

On the Road With Kenect

The event was held in the Ocean Center at Daytona Beach, and featured vendors from across the country.

This annual event is popular among the marine industry. There were about 300 attendees at the two-day convention this year, and the crowd was a bit smaller. Organizers say it may be due to the uncertainty of COVID.

Two of our team members who attended, Cameron and Dallin, say the event may have been smaller than in years past, but it still felt like a good-sized crowd showed up.

We did get a chance to present our product during the convention, offering people a look at how Kenect operates and how texting can help them increase revenue, especially during the slower months.

Benefits of Text-To-Pay

Cameron and Dallin say they spoke to several potential customers during the convention. There were some great conversations.

They even got to meet some of our current clients, who were very happy to share the benefits of Kenect. One client was very happy with our text-to-pay system.

“I spoke to Andy from the VIP Marina Group,” said Cameron. “She said she uses this a ton, and the payments feature is awesome, and they use it for a lot of their part sales. She was a big advocate for Kenect.”

Something else we did not expect is other vendors to ask about Kenect. Our team was more than happy to share the benefits and ended up getting a few to sign up.

You never know what you may run into at trade shows, especially this year, as so many people start attending again.

It’s been an uncertain couple of years for trade shows, but AMI seems to be staying strong. We were happy to be back out there, and happy to see so many satisfied customers.

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