Why Collecting Revenue in a Post-COVID World Has Changed

Oct 21
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Business Texting

For nearly two years now, we have all been trying to navigate through several big changes, and businesses are no exception. Companies have seen a dramatic shift in what customers want and now is the time to make sure your business is up-to-date and ready to make revenue.

The Change.

Convenience has become the name of the game. During the pandemic, many customers have limited their interactions and have shifted to online purchasing.

This goes for both sales and service. Customers want contactless deals, and they might even pay more for the experience.

Customers are also moving into all remote payments. Credit cards are still there, but there is a definite shift to online and remote payments.

Changing Payment Collection.

Now that you know what customers are looking for, how do you adapt?


More dealers are now moving to a texting system for most of their products and services.

Some dealers are also running 80% of their service and parts payments through text-to-pay.

Recent data shows an increase of growth for text-to-pay dealers, four times what they were seeing last year.

Why Text-to-Pay?

First, this allows you to collect payments and deposits via text message. The Kenect platform allows customers to key in their credit card number and use it to pay invoices and buy products quickly and efficiently.

Second, the text-to-pay system also allows business to text customers about parts and special deals, which will help bring in extra revenue.

Through this texting process, they can also set up reminders for customers about certain products or services to keep bringing in revenue while not having to stay on the phone all day trying to get a response.

Finally, the texting platform allows you to schedule remote drop-offs and pick-ups at your service department. This will keep things moving and allow you to get more customers in to increase revenue, especially during the slower months.

Bottom Line: Convenience.

As we move into the post-COVID world, the one thing businesses need to keep in mind is convenience. Customers are looking for a simple process for buying and selling items.

Customers are also willing to pay more for contactless service that’s convenient.

This means that regardless of the price, while using a texting system, customers will pay extra if they can get what they want faster and without too much interaction.

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