On the Road With Kenect: ALA Conference

May 27
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Behind The Scenes

As restrictions continue to lift, we are heading out on the road in 2022, meeting a lot of great people along the way. This week, we want to highlight our recent trip to the Association of Legal Administrators Conference.

The event is as a way for legal leaders to connect and share ideas about the business of law. The past couple years have been a little uncertain, but this year had a great turnout.

The ALA conference was held from May 15-18 in Kissimmee, Florida at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center. Our team set up a booth at the conference, meeting with people the entire time. They even got to speak in front of the group and share a little bit about what Kenect does for those who may not know.

They said there were hundreds of people walking around the event, and it was a big space. Our team noticed more excitement this year, as many were happy to be out at an event without many restrictions.

As for the conference, our team said many people wanted to talk about Google reviews. This is probably the number one issue we get asked about, and this event was no exception.

“People are still working a lot virtually and realize they need better online reviews, and a way to text not using personal cell phone numbers,” said Tyler McQueen, who represented Kenect at the conference. “They liked what we had to offer, and it was a worthwhile event for us.”

When asked if there was a difference at this year’s event as we start to ease out of the Pandemic, our team said overall people were a lot more relaxed at this ALA event compared to the one last year.

The excitement was also felt in the Kenect product. They said people seemed a lot more eager this year to learn about the platform, and the new innovations Kenect had to offer.

In addition to the conference, our team down there said the hotel was a beautiful venue for the ALA event. There was a lot of wildlife, and it was a short walk from all the Disney theme parks.

We are quickly becoming a well-known platform in the legal community, and it showed at this conference. We look forward to seeing all of you next year!

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