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Kenect Halloween costume contest 2022!

Behind The Scenes
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The Kenect Halloween costume contest is held every year, and its quickly becoming one of our most popular events. With so many new employees, the creativity and excitement was through the roof!

We had a good turnout last year, but this year we had nearly 2 dozen entries. People dressed up in a wide variety of characters, including Buddy from “Elf”, an out of shape Thor, the Phantom of the Opera, and an Oompa Loompa.

We also had several remote participants this year, more than we’ve ever had, including a Maverik from “Top Gun”, complete with some killer shades. We also had a 1960’s batman in full costume.

This year, we decided to give out prizes in several categories. The scariest costume went to Dalton as Glow Face. He was also remote and really showed off his skills with a glow in the dark mask. A very close second in this category was Steve as a TSA Agent.

The funniest costume went to Summer and Madi as Gru and Vector. They even tested out their accents as an added touch to the costumes.

Finally, the best overall costume at Kenect this year went to Jeff as Groot. The detail was incredible, and even though this was a remote entry, you could see the work that went into this masterpiece. This costume also got best homemade costume honors as Jeff, and his wife made it from scratch. Awesome job!

Everyone who participated got a big cheer from the crowd and all the candy they could eat. Some people are already starting to think about their costumes for next year.

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