Behind the Scenes at Kenect: Halloween Costume Contest

Nov 8
min Read
Behind The Scenes

Kenect has always had some great employee events, and this year was no exception. We recently held our annual Halloween costume contest, and it was a big success.

As more employees are added to the company, the competition is heating up. This year, we had more than 24 costume entries.

People dressed up in a wide variety of characters. We had Maverick from Top Gun. There was also Aladdin, a unicorn, and a Walmart greeter.

We even had a few remote participants, including a Forest Gump dressed in his running attire.

However, there can only be one winner, and it just so happens to be Kevin from The Office.

Complete with the hairstyle and a candy jar, this costume went all out.

In second place was the Mandalorian, who never took his helmet off to reveal his true identity, and was carrying around a baby Yoda.

Everyone who participated got a round of applause and all the candy they could eat. Some people have already started thinking about their costumes for next year.

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