Information On Texting: Smartphone Usage Up For All Ages

May 2
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Business Texting

Even just a few years ago, many businesses thought of texting as a tool for the younger generation, but recent research shows more Americans are buying and using smartphones for texting.

According to Pew Research, more than 300 million Americans own a smartphone. That is more than 80% of everyone across the country. On top of that, another 13% own at least some sort of mobile phone that is not a smartphone.

This means more Americans are embracing technology. We have seen the trends during the pandemic, and this number is only going to rise as more people get familiar with it.

Information on texting for all ages

Many businesses may think that the smartphone and texting trend is for younger people, but the data shows this is not the case.

According to that same Pew Research study, they tracked smartphone users in the US between 2015 and 2018, and it showed a dramatic trend for older users. Those between the ages of 18 and 34 saw a small increase in users from 92% to 95%. However, users 50+ went up from 53% to 67%.

What does this mean? Well, it shows that more Americans, regardless of age, are using smartphones and smartphone technology.

Texting is one of the key components. With updated phones hitting the market, more people are texting than making phone calls, and it’s not even close.

Data shows 98% of all text messages are opened, and 95% of those are read within the first three minutes. That is because people see the messages pop up on their phone, and they are able to respond quickly. They don’t need to search for a number, make a phone call, hope someone answers, or leave a message and wait for a response. They can get a text and send one back within seconds.

As for emails, the average email sent from a business gets just a 12% average open rate. This also does not mean that those people who open the email are reading it, or even know what’s in it.

Texting is what customers are looking for and expect from businesses.

Why the texting trend is helping businesses?

A lot of the increase in texting is due in part to the pandemic. With in-person interaction limited, and rules changing all the time, any businesses were looking for ways to get information to customers fast!

Now that customers have seen the texting option, many are simply sticking to it. They see the convenience of it, and they seek out businesses that offer it.

Adding texting is not just for customer convenience. Employees like it too. With the Kenect platform you are connected through your existing business phone number. That means that employees can put the texting platform on their phone and use the app WITHOUT giving out their personal number.

They can also use the app anywhere, especially in the service bay where they can send pictures and start video chats with customers about repairs.

There are many reasons businesses have to not use texting, but the benefits are growing by the day.

We saw how well texting has worked over the last two years when many people were stuck in their homes, and now many people just expect businesses to have it. Its easy to set up, and convenient for both employees and customers.

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