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Add the 'Text Us' widget to your website. Get more leads.

'Text Us'

Immediately transform your web visitors into texting conversations. Real texting, right on their phone.

Get More Leads

Install the "Text Us" button and see increases of 260%+ in leads from your website.

A Captive Audience

They can walk away from their computer. But they can't walk away from their phone. Your customers no longer need to sit and type to talk to you.

How does adding the 'Text Us' button work? 

We'll help you install it and within minutes you'll start gathering leads via text. You'll see value IMMEDIATELY. Watch the video and see how your leads can DOUBLE.

Does it really produce more leads? (Yes, yes it does)

No more 'Contact Us' forms

Your customers don't want to fill out a form or go to a clunky 'Contact Us' page. They want to text you. Adding a 'Text Us' button on the site allows them to text you immediately.


The font, the colors, the menu structure...all of customizable. You reply back and it shows up on their phone. Suddenly you're texting them.

More leads immediately

Our customers get an average of 260% more leads from their websites nearly immediately. We have customers get deluged with leads moments after they put the 'Text Us' button on their site. It's legit.

Route texts like a boss

You can have the texts go to the right person, right location, or right department. No need to have one person monitor the texts either. Set up auto-responders and then reply back when you have time.

No one wants to call you or fill out a form. They want to text.

Adding the 'Text Us' widget reduces friction on your site and allows your site to capture more leads. Our clients truly see leads double, triple and quadruple when they add the widget.

Customers get an average of 260% more leads

Make your website a lead gen machine. Reduce friction.

Real-time notification

Get notified via text or email every time a new text comes in to your website.

Marketing attribution

Each new text shows you the URL of the page the lead was visiting when they messaged, so you know how to respond.

Intelligent routing

Route texts to a specific department, office, location or person based on the specifics of the text itself.

Convert more website visitors into new leads

You've probably spent thousands of dollars on your website trying to attract new web visitors. That's awesome. BUT is your site converting those visitors into leads? Perhaps you're missing a simple call to action like 'Text Us'? 

Why not use the method that 89% of your customers prefer: texting.

The days of 'Contact Us' forms are over. The average Kenect customer puts the 'Text Us' widget on their site and gets 260% more leads from their website.

That's no joke.

Replace calls and chat with texting

After they click on the 'Text Us' widget, they're texting you--from their cell phone--from that moment on. You capture the cell phone of the customer every time and you're communicating with them in the way they want to be communicated with.

This will dramatically reduce response times, ensure you don't lose track of your leads, and keep them engaged via texting.

No need to monitor it 24/7 either because with auto-responses and intelligent routing you can get the text to the right person, team, or department within seconds.

Completely custom for your business

Want a green 'Text Us' icon? Cool. What about red? Also cool. Want to customize the font, the questions you're asking them? Great.

What if you just want to get their phone number? That's great too.

Want the texts to come in directly to your sales team? Maybe you can have some texts go to sales and others to service. Maybe you want an office manager to handle them all. The choice is yours for these items and more.

We'll even help you set it up, so don't worry if you don't have a web guy in-house.

"From the moment we decided to bring Kenect to our firm, it has been smooth. I highly recommend Kenect for efficient communication, convenience and the great experience it offers our clients."
Cortney Roberts, Marketing Manager| Douglas Law Firm
"We are a 100+ year old family-owned company and this was a big change for us. But it has been awesome. I can't imagine a better tool or better experience."
Rauel LaBreche, Senior Marketing and Training Specialist| McFarlane's Retail and Service Center

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