3 Stats About Texting At Your Business

May 5
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Business Texting

1) 98% of text messages sent from businesses are opened

This stat surfaced with research from Brightlocal several years ago. Our internal data from tens of millions of text messages across our thousands of customers, backs it up.

When businesses text their customers, those people open text messages 98% of the time. Compare this to an average 12% open rate for emails and less than 2% for voicemails.

The fact that 98% of text messages are read is massive.

This statistic alone makes text messaging the single most effective communication method businesses can use. Period

2) 96% of business text messages are read within 3 minutes

It’s not simply the fact that they’re opened, it’s that they’re read almost instantly.

Stop playing phone tag when you reach out to your customers. They’re at lunch, they’re in a meeting, they’re with their family, they’re with their friends or at a kid’s basketball game. They can’t answer when you call.

But guess, what? They can text. And so, they do.

3) 35% to 58% of reviews requested via text, are completed

This stat is MASSIVELY important. It’s no secret that Google is placing more importance than ever on Google reviews. They matter dramatically to Google in determining where businesses rank on organic search results. It’s a really, really big deal.

Most businesses are starting to grasp this and starting to ask their customers to leave them reviews.

The problem is that most of them are asking in entirely the wrong way. Most are asking with an email. They’re sending emails and asking for reviews. That simply doesn’t work.

Why? Because review requests sent via email are only completed 2% of the time (or less). It just doesn’t work.

But when you text to ask for a review, those reviews are completed between 35% and 58% of the time.

For those of you who aren’t great at math, that’s a lot higher than 1% to 2% of the time.

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