What We’re Thankful for at Kenect

Nov 24
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Behind The Scenes

By McKay Allen, VP of Marketing

It’s Thanksgiving week in the United States. That means that(hopefully) we all spend a little bit of time reflecting on what’s important to us, what matters most, and what we’re thankful for.

In this post I wanted to highlight a few of the things that we’re grateful for at Kenect, as a business.

-     Our Customers – First and foremost at Kenect, we’re grateful for our customers. We honestly have the BEST customers. I wrote a post last week about customers who basically sell for us. It’s great to have thousands and thousands of devoted customers who sell for you and make your life easier. Our customers use Kenect all day every day. They’re logged into it constantly and it’s an integral part of their business.

-     Our Team – We have the BEST team. I’d put our team against anyone’s team at any SaaS/software company in the world. When I started in March of 2020, we had 40ish employees. Now we have 150. The growth has been staggering. And maintaining our company culture through that growth has been challenging.

But we’ve managed to do it.

The team goes to work everyday, and they work HARD. They are fiercely focused on our customers. They want our customers to succeed. That’s the single and primary focus of everything our team does.

On this week of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for our team. They’re remarkable.

-       Our Product – A SaaS company can have the best sales team, most efficient marketing engine, and best CS team. It can have the best leadership, the most money, and the best plan. But none of it matters without a really good product.

The product must be beautiful, simple to use, elegant and powerful. But mostly it must MATTER. It must matter to the people who use it. It can’t be a ‘nice-to-have’ it has to be a ‘have-to-have’ product.

It must work. It has to be reliable.

And so, this week at Kenect, we’re grateful for our product. It works, it always works.

-       Our Growth – It’s been a year of growth at Kenect. In September we were honored by the Inc 5000 for being the 206th fastest growing company in America. And the fastest growing in Utah.

Then just last week we learned we received a similar honor from Deloitte’s Fast 500. Their objective financial calculations showed that Kenect was the fastest growing company in Utah and the36th fastest growing in North America.

We’re thankful for our growth.

And we’re excited to scale that growth into2022 and beyond.

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