Tradeshows: It’s Great When Customers Sell For You

Nov 19
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By McKay Allen, VP of Marketing

This last week I had the opportunity to attend the RVDA Dealer’s Convention at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Hundreds of RV dealers descended on the Vegas Strip to look at next year’s inventory, attend educational sessions and find new vendors.

Kenect has a large presence in the RV industry. We are used by hundreds and hundreds of dealers across North America.

I spoke at 3 sessions and talked to several hundred dealers at the show. Between sessions I’d go to the Kenect booth and talk with even more dealers.

On Day 1 of the show, two owners from a dealership attended one of the sessions. They approached me after and asked several questions. Then they went to the booth and signed a contract on the spot! The next day I saw the two owners approaching the booth again. They seemed to be second-guessing their decision to go with Kenect.

As I started talking to them, I noticed two customers nearby. The customers overheard our conversation and seemed to realize that these two new Kenect customers were waffling. These customers, without my prompting, immediately intervened and told the dealers that Kenect had transformed their dealership and improved it in nearly every facet.

They expressed that Kenect had improved the efficiency of their service department, had increased leads and sales, and had made payment collection easier.

It had improved their dealership in every measurable way imaginable.

After a few moments, I stepped away. The new Kenect customers left the interaction with our current Kenect customers with total excitement about their decision.

It’s great when customers—unprompted and completely organically—sell for you.

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