Using Gamification to Track Employee Performance

Dec 19
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Reputation Management

For most business owners, managing and understanding employee performance can be a bit tricky. While everyone is well aware of the responsibilities and day-to-day focus of their role, determining stellar performance is hard. While the Kenect platform delivers a unique way to communicate and engage directly with customers, it also has a strong back-end component that tracks employee usage metrics, allowing for the measurement and gamification of employee performance over time.

Here’s a quick recap of how the Kenect platform helps connect your team with customers and prospects:

Business Texting: Kenect converts your existing business line into a text-enabled line, allowing your team to follow up and communicate with customers they way they prefer. Your employees can spend less time leaving voicemails or writing emails and more time doing what they do best.

Online Reviews: The Kenect platform delivers an easy customer review process and allows business owners to take control of their online reputation. Texting consumers asking them to leave a review results in a 35x greater response rate than email.

Mobile Access: Your team no longer has to be tied to a desk to respond to customer inquiries. With a full-service mobile app, Kenect allows your team to respond to customer texts on the go and even assign conversations to specific reps who are most qualified.

On the back-end, Kenect tracks every single outbound review request, text response, and more. For business owners and managers, this means that employee performance is measured in real-time in an easy-to-access, actionable manner. On the reviews page in the Kenect platform, business owners and managers can quickly pinpoint how employees are using these new tools and functionality.

With Kenect, your management team can now:

  • See which employees are sending the most review requests
  • Identify which employees are receiving the highest customer feedback
  • Gamify this feedback and turn customer reviews into a competition

Turning your customer review process into a gamified competition can increase awareness of the importance of customer reviews as well as encourage employees to perform at a higher level. It can take the focus on online reviews from a management-sponsored strategy and turn it into a company-wide initiative that requires the input and attention from every single employee.

One idea is to have a monthly award (it can be an actual reward or even company-wide recognition) for the employee who sends out the most review requests. Or you could publicly celebrate the employee that ‘owns’ the most 5-star reviews through Kenect. Additionally, collecting this data is a great way to identify the ‘experts’ on your team in different areas or departments. Everyone loves a competition, and adding this competitive experience to the daily responsibilities of your staff can increase employee satisfaction as well.

With the Kenect business texting and reputation management platform, businesses of all sizes can easily and securely convert an existing business phone line to a text-enabled one. This way, employees can communicate with customers more effectively, increase online brand recognition, and grow a business more efficiently. You can learn more about how the Kenect platform can help your team operate at a higher level here.

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