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Use Case: Text-to-Pay in Your Service Department

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In the past year, we have seen a dramatic increase in text-to-pay services for businesses, and the reason is simple: demand.

Customers have gotten familiar with remote forms of payment over the past 12 months, and now they are asking businesses for it. If you don’t have text-to-pay set up at your dealership, now is the time!

One of the biggest areas of use appears to be in the service department. Dealerships are figuring out that customers like it, and some are now running 80% of their service revenue through text-to-pay.

Putting Text-to-Pay in Service Departments

Even just a few years ago, business texting was not on the radar for many dealerships. Workers were still calling people with service updates, leaving voicemails or playing phone tag. Now, the entire system has changed.

Many businesses started using this during the pandemic as a way to keep revenue moving. They needed to be able to allow the customer to pay for things without having to come into a building or meet face-to-face.

Text-to-pay is not only helping customers save time, but it’s also helping businesses cut down on time, and increase revenue flow.

How Text-to-Pay Works in Service Departments

The main reason text-to-pay works well in service departments is that is keep things moving. Customers can use it to pay ahead and pickup their equipment later, without having to even set foot inside a showroom.

Also, the customer completes the entire transactions themselves, reducing the amount of time employees need to spend on accounts receivable or bill collection. Then the money is deposited within 48 hours.

In the past we have done blogs on how text-to-pay works, but we wanted to highlight a few things.

One of the dealerships who uses the Kenect text-to-pay system says it pretty much eliminated lines in their service department and cuts down on a lot of wasted time.

They would send customers a text, with a link to the invoice, and they customer would fill out their credit card information and send it right back. No face-to-face meetings, no phone tag, and no wait times.

With text-to-pay, they also completed $65,000 dollars in transactions through the platform in the first two months.

Another business using the Kenect platform says the text-to-pay system allows them to keep a paper trail of transactions. If customers call in, there is not always a way to verify that they left their information, especially if workers are busy, write something down, and then forget about it.

With text-to-pay, they say they can pull up invoices, show customers what they have paid and when, and keep track of invoices for the future.

This is just a small part of what text-to-pay can offer businesses. It’s technology that customers are now demanding of businesses because of its simplicity and convenience.

The text-to-pay system can cut down on time, and keep revenue flowing by transforming the way your service department operates.

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