How Text-to-Pay Works

Mar 2
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When businesses learn that collecting payments via text is an option, they’re usually pretty surprised. They’re surprised that it exists AND they’re surprised that someone didn’t think of it years ago!

Why Text-to-Pay?

It’s simple really… people text more often than they do just about anything else. They read texts, they respond to texts.

A whopping 98% of text messages are opened, and 96% are read within 3 minutes. In a recent study, we found that nearly 90% of SMB customers (of basically every type of small business) would prefer to receive a text from that business rather than a phone call.

People love texting because it’s simple, it’s immediate, and they’re used to it. Texting has changed communications more than any other thing since the invention of the telephone 110+ years ago. Nearly every interaction would be sped up and made more efficient via texting.

Considering all that… it’s pretty clear why text-to-pay makes sense.

- Get Paid Faster – Our customers indicate that they get paid 85% faster with text-to-pay than by any other method.

- Reduce Late Payers – Our data also indicates that people paying late is virtually eliminated. ELIMINATED. Why? Because it’s impossible to ignore a text. Completely impossible. So, they see the text, they open it, they read it, and they pay you.

- Less Hassle – People do everything else via text. Why not pay you?

- Saves Times For Your Team – SMBs that use Kenect Text-to-Pay indicate that they are saving 45 minutes per person per day because they’re not chasing down payments over the phone, emailing them, attaching invoices, mailing them out etc. It’s quicker to text.

- More Secure – No one on your team sees the CC number of the person paying.

How Does Text-to-Pay Work?

There are basically 4 steps:

1) Sign up for Kenect and start using Text-to-pay.

2) Open the Kenect app (either via desktop or on your smartphone) and click the “$” or the button that indicates you can Request Payment.

3) Then select the name of the phone number you’d like to request a payment from.

4) Put in the information on the invoice. This would include things like:

a. An invoice number of your choosing.

b. Details about the invoice to remind yourself and your customer what the payment is for.

c. The dollar amount being requested.

5) Send the text.

6) The customer then sees the invoice and puts in their CC information. The money hits your account within 48 hours.

It’s easy.

You can learn more about the text-to-pay in general, and how it works for Kenect customers by clicking here.

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