“The Easiest Decision of All”: First Employees Reflect On Five Years With Kenect

Aug 3
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Behind The Scenes

As Kenect celebrates 5 years, two employees who have been with the company since the beginning are now reflecting on their time here.

Jeremy Adams and Cameron King have been with Kenect when it started, and through every innovation, improvement, and change the company has ever seen. They recently talked about what that means to them, and what they are expecting for the future of Kenect.

When did you start with Kenect?

Jeremy - The beginning. Here since day 1.

Cameron - I started with Kenect on day one. It was an exciting time! We were essentially working out of small orthopedic office space and crammed in right next to each other. We averaged 6 hours a day on "the dialer" and made hundreds of outbound calls hoping for a few solid sets. Good times were had in that small stench of a space!

What made you join Kenect?

Jeremy - The opportunity to be a part of something that was being built and being able to work with amazing people who've been successful before and learning from them.

Cameron - That was the easiest decision of all - working with Graham, Shaun, and Jeff.

What was it like in the beginning?

Jeremy - We worked in a 3-bedroom, one hallway office that was so small, Graham had to work on a tiny temple recorder desk because there was no room. There was a counselor next door and the people who went to counseling would come steal our snacks. We would also all go out to lunch once a week as an entire company which would be crazy now.

Cameron - Scrapping and hustling. Figuring it out as we went and making daily tweaks and changes.

How has the company changed over the years?

Jeremy - Size is the obvious one but also the product. We used to only sell reviews and listings and still somehow charged a similar price and people bought it. There was no text messaging at all besides sending the request.

Cameron - Product has become exceptional. Hiring a ton of people, luxury office space, and extreme growth. The great thing is we can still move quickly and adapt quickly for the benefit of the company and employees.

What are things like now, compared to the past?

Jeremy - There were only a handful of people then. We were in a tiny office and every day was critical. We changed constantly. It seemed every month we changed how we did things in a drastic way if it didn't live to expectations. Vertical changes, new decks, how the sales team functioned, etc. Learn fast, go fast is how we functioned.

Cameron - Atmosphere is still top priority - the culture is still there and strong as it was when we had 5 people total. You can thank Graham, Shaun, and Jeff for that.

What appeals to you about Kenect?

Jeremy - All the friendships that have been built. This group has done some incredible things and being a part of that is something I'll always remember. Yes, the product, the opportunity, the business are all great, but the people here are even better.

Cameron – Everything. The people, the culture, the leadership team, the drive to work hard and support each other. The overall "get things done" attitude.

What do you expect in the future?

Jeremy - What will the company look like? As much as it has changed in the past, I don't see Kenect slowing down. Growth always brings change and that means more people, new products, new opportunity.

Cameron - Continued growth, new integrations, and acquisitions to help us continue to be a top shelf product. I expect us to continue to be one of the fastest growing companies in the country. It's an honor to be a part of the Kenect team!

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