On The Road at Max Law Con

Oct 20
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Behind The Scenes

Each month, Kenect commits to attending events that will benefit both the company and current and existing clients. Today, we are going to highlight our recent trip to the Maximum Lawyer Convention.

What is Max Law Con?

The Maximum Lawyer Convention is an annual event, held this year in St. Charles, Missouri. It’s a forum for lawyers and practice owners to build relationships and share knowledge about the industry. Its also a place for industry leaders and companies to come and show off new innovations to help the legal community.

What our team experienced at the Convention.

The Kenect team spent two days at Max Law Con and met with over 200 attendees. While most clients were new to Kenect, we did run into a few happy customers whom we were pleased to chat with and pass on some socks.

The exhibit hall was small, with a total of 13 exhibitors, but it did give us many more opportunities at breakfasts, lunches, and happy hours to mingle with attendees

During its short time there, the sales team created several new deals and showed off the Kenect platform, with plans to extend relationships beyond the convention.

We were pleased with the enthusiasm we saw from attendees about the Kenect platform.

The turnout this year at Max Law Con was great, and we are expecting to see more of you next year!

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