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Respond to texts, gather reviews, and even collect payments, all from the Kenect mobile app

Increase revenue

The average Kenect customer increases revenue 6% in the first 12 months. What smartphone app do you have now that does that? 

Reply to leads in the app

Install the 'Text Us' button and see increases of 260%+ in leads from your website. Reply to and manage those leads from within the mobile app.

Text in the app

Your customers want to text you. Let them. You can send pictures, videos, appointment reminders, and even collect payments, all via text and all via the mobile app.

How does the Kenect mobile app work? 

Let sales reps respond to texts from their phone and on the sales floor with the app. And see why employees jumping in and out of meetings LOVE the mobile app.

Just how slick and simple is the Kenect mobile app?

Simultaneous syncing

The Kenect mobile app can do anything the desktop version can do....all on your phone. All the data on your desktop syncs automatically to the mobile app.

Intuitive and easy

Constant updates, feature enhancements and responsive design allow you to text, gather reviews, collect payments and more...all with your smartphone.

It doesn't cost extra

If you use Kenect you can download the app for free. Make sure every sales person, everyone in the office, or any one in management downloads the app.

Intelligent routing and automation

You can route texts, responsibilities and even review responses to certain people, departments, or locations via the app.

Carry the power of Kenect in your pocket (or purse)

Many companies create an app that is a scaled-down version of their main product. Not Kenect. The mobile app can do everything the desktop product can do. We don't mess around.

Increase leads from your website by 260%

And respond to those incoming texts with the mobile app from Kenect

Get 35x more online reviews

You can request, capture and respond to reviews on the mobile app just like you can via the desktop Kenect inbox

Collect payments quickly via text

Use the app to send invoices, collect payments, and manage payment deposits with beautiful and intuitive reporting.

The power of Kenect in your pocket

Many companies have an app that is only available for more money, or they charge you a per-user price for the mobile app. Not Kenect. The app is included.

Business texting, payments, and review notifications

Make sure you don't miss any important messages. The Kenect mobile app allows you to set up and receive notifications for text messages received, online reviews received, and payments in-progress.

You can manage your business and reply to texts on the sidelines at your daughter's soccer game or in between meetings or (as long as your boss doesn't see) IN meetings.

Sales reps LOVE the Kenect mobile app because they can stay engaged with customers wherever they are.

Manage your online reputation via the app

You can request reviews, manage reviews and even respond to reviews all with the Kenect mobile app.

You don't need to be in the office or even in front of a computer to manage your company's reputation. Don't wait to go into the office to respond to an angry customer (or a happy one).

Manage your texting inbox via the app

All the texts you get from the website and from your phone number flow into the simple and beautiful Kenect texting inbox.

Guess what? 

The inbox for the mobile app is just as simple and just as beautiful. You can respond to texts in between meetings, in meetings, at home, at dinner, or when you're walking to your car. No need to wait until you're sitting in front of a computer.

"WE LOVE KENECT! It has been nothing short of fantastic. The entire app is extremely user-friendly and intuitive for all of our employees to use. It has taken our company and brought us into the new tech age."
Kaisey Arena, Marketing Manager| Goodhue Boat Company
“Kenct has dramatically change the way we do business. It has changed everything.”
Rene Zacarias, GM | Roughneck Harley-Davidson

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