On The Road at Kubota Connect: How Kenect Helped a Customer During a Hurricane

Oct 14
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Behind The Scenes

Kenect team members go to dozens of trade shows every year, and each one offers a unique experience for both our team and our customers. Today, we would like to highlight our latest trip to Kubota Connect.

What is Kubota Connect?

This annual event is held in Texas and designed for Kubota dealers. Participants get to see the latest products and innovations and can attend various live presentations.

Pictured from left to right: Mike, Cameron, Daillin, Brecon and Chelsea.

What our team experienced at the event?

The Kenect team made the trip to Kubota Connect to showcase our platform and improvements to both new and existing customers.

There were six team members who made the trip this year. Kenect had a booth set up throughout the entire event, which lasted from October 3rd to October 7th.

One team member who attended says it was good to be able to meet with existing customers in person and hear their stories of how Kenect has helped their business.

“One guy in particular shared a story of how Kenect saved his business for a few days when a hurricane hit and customers couldn’t call over the phone when the service was down,” said Kenect team member Daillin Cobabe, who attended Kubota connect. “Another customer said, ‘the only regret is we wish we would’ve signed up with Kenect sooner.’”

The Kenect team also met dozens of dealers who were not customers already. They would walk them through the platform to see if it would fit their business.

Overall, the team says the show was very productive. They were able to connect with existing customers, network with Kubota reps and other vendors, and sign-up new customers.

Thanks to those of you who came up to talk with us at Kubota Connect. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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