Kenect Named One of the Best Companies to Work for In Utah in 2021

Dec 15
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Press Release

Kenect just added a new honor to its growing list of accolades. Utah Business just named Kenect one of the best companies to work for in Utah in 2021.

The honor was based on employee surveys to get a better idea of the places they work for. Utah Business said companies like Kenect set a new standard for workplace culture and work/life balance.

The article listed some of the perks offered to employees by Kenect. Employees praised our competitive base salaries, flexible PTO, health and dental benefits, and hybrid work schedule.

They also note that Kenect has company lunches and a variety of team activities to keep workers motivated and excited about what they are doing.

One unique feature is a half day on the first Friday of every month. This is called Kenect Day and gives employees a little extra break as they get into the rest of the month.

In the article, they quoted employees as saying: “The future is bright for everyone at Kenect. Every department is growing, and they’re committed to supporting our existing employees to grow and develop into new roles. If you show up and put in your best effort, there will be growth opportunities.”

This sense of excitement is an everyday feeling at Kenect. Employees are happy to be a part of this fast-moving company.

Employees have also shared their opinions on other online review sites, and the positive reaction is overwhelming. While this is a relatively new company, many say its managed very well, with a fantastic culture.

In this anonymous post from Glassdoor, one employee states: “This company is built on values, morals, and integrity. They do what they say and live how they preach. No political games here. Just honest hard work trying to help others with their business texting and review management. I have never worked for a company that lived and operated like they promised. If you want to be appreciated, work hard, and help people, Kenect is the place for you.”

Employees are also excited about the expansion. Kenect is about to move into a new building, showing their admiration for the hard work being done, and their anticipation to grow fast.

Kenect creates a culture of positivity, making sure all employees feel accepted and welcome. They offer room for employees to move up within the company and encourage new ideas as they find new ways to expand.

The culture is so good at Kenect, that most who joined the company from its beginning four years ago have not left.

Employees are excited to be at a company that values those who are helping Kenect gain momentum and improve on an already superior product. The future looks very bright.

This latest honor is just one in a growing list of accolades for the company. In November, Kenect was ranked 36th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list, which is the highest ranked company in Utah.

Kenect was also ranked No. 216 on the annual Inc. 5000 list, making it the fastest growing tech company in the state, and 5th fastest growing overall.

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