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How Furniture Stores Can Better Communicate via Texting

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Over the past two years, there has been a significant change in the way customers communicate with businesses. According to a Pew Research study, around 300 million Americans now own a smartphone, and 78% of them say that checking and answering text messages are the primary way they use their phones. This is why more and more customers prefer texting as it is simple,quick, and convenient. As the pandemic has limited in-person interactions, customers have increasingly turned to texting as their preferred communication method.


Furniture stores can reach their customers via text by choosing a reliable platform like Kenect. The Kenect platform can be tied in with the existing business phone line so that businesses do not have to give out their personal cell phone numbers to start texting. Any texts will come through the same number, and any responses given will also come from that same number. Once the platform is in place, it is essential to set expectations for both employees and customers, standardize workloads, and push back deadlines that are not urgent.


Many furniture stores have already started using texting as a way to keep in touch with customers during the pandemic, and it has proven to be an effective way to streamline service and sales. Kenect has been reported to save many businesses approximately 50 hours of labor each week by eliminating the need to talk on the phone with customers, leave voicemails, or play phone tag with them. Customers are familiar with texting which makes adding texting capabilities to your business line extremely easy and helpful for your customers.


In conclusion, with more and more customers using texting as their primary mode of communication, furniture stores need to adapt and offer this option to their customers. Using a reliable platform like Kenect can help streamline communication and save time, making it an effective way to enhance customer service and sales.

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